celery duo FAQ

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our new pore refining concentrate and texture smoothing cream! Earlier today, our founder and CEO Priscilla took to IG to answer some of your most frequently asked questions and we’ve compiled the answers (plus a few more!) below. 

how do I incorporate these into my routine?

Here’s what we recommend:







pore refining concentrate

texture smoothing cream

oil (to lock in extra hydration, if needed!)






pore refining concentrate

sleep mask

texture smoothing cream


how often should I use these? 

Twice a day, am and/or pm! Both products are meant to be used daily. 


should I replace my oil with the texture smoothing cream or should I follow up with an oil?

You can use your texture smoothing cream by itself as a daily moisturizer, or you can apply an oil over the cream for an extra barrier! This really depends on what feels best for your skin on a given day! 

While the texture smoothing cream is moisturizing enough by itself, adding a layer of oil on top helps seal in hydration and provide a protective barrier between yoru skin and the environment. 

what do they smell like?

Both of these products smell like their ingredients, as they should! They both have a light celery scent, and the texture smoothing cream has a slight hint of cucumber.

do these products help with redness?

The celery duo does help reduce the appearance of redness associated with skin dryness and dehydration. 

can I still use the resurfacing sleep mask at night?

Yes! First, apply the sleep mask. Then, add an even layer of the texture smoothing cream on top for extra hydration - because these products are water-based, they won’t pill! This is recommended for those of you with dry skin. 

what is the consistency of the cream? 

The texture smoothing cream is lightweight and fast-absorbing with a silky texture. It'll leave your skin feeling satiny and smooth for the rest of the day!

what’s the science behind how these products reduce the look of pores? 

We’ll start by saying that you can’t change the size of your pores. However, the celery seed extracts that we use to formulate our pore refining concentrate and texture smoothing cream help support the structures that hold your pores tight, keeping them from sagging open or appearing enlarged.

The below picture was taken only five minutes after application, and is NOT touched up (we don't do that). As you can see, the celery duo has an immediate impact, that will only get better with prolonged, regular use!

can these products replace my primer?

Yes! These products help smooth your skin by supporting the structures of your pores instead of filling them with more stuff, like many primers do! 

can I wear these under makeup?

Yes! Both of these products are lightweight and layer easily under makeup.

are these products good for acne-prone skin?

Yes! The base of both of these products is an emulsion (a mixture of water and oils), so they’ll feel super lightweight and gentle on all types of skin, even acne-prone.

should these products be applied only on areas of concern or all over?

Our pore refining concentrate is designed to be used on specific areas of concern (like your t-zone or cheeks or any areas with larger pores), but our texture smoothing cream can be used all over!

do these products help with blackheads? 

To reduce blackheads, we recommend cleansing, toning, and exfoliating to remove dirt and debris from your pores. Once your pores are cleared out, our celery duo can be used to help firm and tone the skin around them, helping your complexion appear smoother!

should I still exfoliate if I use these products? 

Yes! We always recommend exfoliating a few times a week to slough away dead skin and buildup.

how are these products different from the sleep mask?

Both our pore refining concentrate and texture smoothing cream are designed to reduce the look of pores and uneven texture, whereas the sleep mask is designed to brighten the look of dark spots and uneven tone. Both the sleep mask and texture smoothing cream do help smooth the appearance of fine lines! 

do these products help with acne scarring?

These products can help improve the look of uneven skin texture caused by post-acne scarring, but to brighten the look of dark spots from acne scars, we’d recommend opting for the turmeric stick or resurfacing sleep mask

can I still use the turmeric tonic?

Yes! Apply turmeric tonic to cleansed, toned skin, let it absorb for 1-2 minutes, and then follow with our essence, serum, and then pore refining concentrate and texture smoothing cream.

Remember, we always encourage you to choose what works for your routine! You don't have to use all the steps, but we develop all of our products to work with each other and fill out your skincare routine!

can I use the cream under my eyes?

Yes! We also recommend our mymatcha stick for boosting hydration under the eyes.

do I have to use both together?

You can use either product on their own, but we recommend using both together for optimum texture and pore refinement. The pore refiner is targeted and concentrated for specific areas, while the cream is meant for all over hydration and smoothing. 

are these products good for sensitive skin?

These products, like all cocokind products, are designed to be just as gentle and nourishing as they are effective. They’re suitable for all skin types, including sensitive!

when will I start seeing results?

You’ll see an improvement in the look of skin texture and pores immediately, but you’ll see greater cumulative results over time! 

what’s the difference between turmeric tonic and pore refining concentrate?

They have different benefits - the turmeric tonic helps reduce the look of blemishes and dark spots whereas the pore refining concentrate helps reduce the appearance of pores. The turmeric tonic has a water-thin texture that starts to penetrate the surface of the skin instantly, while the pore refining concentrate has a thicker, serum-like consistency.


do I need another moisturizer on top of the cream?

You don’t, but if you’re looking to lock in extra hydration, you can layer an oil on top of the texture smoothing cream!

are these products available in stores? 

Just online for now! 

are these products vegan? 

Yes! They’re also 100% cruelty-free.

we hope you’re loving the celery duo as much as we are! if you have any additional questions, feel free to email info@cocokind.com or hit @cocokind with a DM on Instagram!