why your lips need SPF

While the risk of sun damage for skin—think dark spots, fine lines, not to mention melanoma—is top of mind for many, people tend to pay way less attention to the lips. But lip SPF is (or should be) a non-negotiable.

Like the eye area, the lips are pretty fragile and delicate. They don’t have the same oil glands as the rest of your skin to provide natural moisturizing oils (which explains why they’re so prone to feeling dry and getting chapped). On top of that, we’re constantly using them to talk, eat, and sip. 

The lips also have a thinner, weaker moisture barrier, which not only means that they’re more prone to dryness and dehydration, but they’re also more vulnerable to external aggressors—sunlight included. [1] And, as with the rest of your skin, they’re prone to all kinds of sun damage, from wrinkles to skin cancer.

That’s why a dedicated lip SPF can come in clutch, especially in the summer (and don’t forget, the sun shines year-round, clouds or not). But a good lip SPF can be hard to find, especially one that you actually love to use and reapply regularly! 

We decided to check all the boxes with our new tinted lip shield, which delivers broad-spectrum SPF 24 to protect against UVA and UVB rays. And it’s in no small part to you, our customers, who helped decide what SPF rating to target, the tint, the type of sunscreen filter, and even what kind of product to make in the first place!

The biggest hurdle with sunscreen—whether for the face, body, or the lips—is that it has to be enjoyable in order to be used consistently…and consistent use is the only way to get any benefits from sunscreen. So, we made ours with a tint that works for everyone and anyone, as well as nourishing ingredients, like antioxidant-rich star fruit extract and a vegan blend of natural oils and waxes to moisturize as it protects.

Speaking of: We also went with a blend of chemical and mineral sunscreen filters. As with our hybrid sunscreen, that was a strategic move. The non-nano zinc oxide provides broad-spectrum protection and helps moisturize the lips, while homosalate gives the formula a sheer feel and finish.

We formulated tinted lip shield so you’d actually want to use it. With glossy SPF 24 protection, a flattering tint and comfy feel, it ensures lips stay happy, healthy, and hydrated.