Beauty By: Kasey Elise

Meet Kasey (@kaseyelise), co-founder and #girlboss of To The Moon Citizen (@tothemooncitizen), a media collective based in Los Angeles with a mission to awaken individuality – with a focus on young women. 

Have you always been interested in clean beauty? When did this come about?

KE: My skin is sensitive so I try to stay away from products with ingredients I can’t read. 

Why is natural beauty important to you?

KE: Natural beauty means to love yourself and I think that’s the most important thing in life, to love yourself.  I try to always promote that @tothemooncitizen!

Where/from whom did you learn about skincare/makeup?

KE: I learned from my beautiful friends who love me @ellsworthbeauty.

What is the most important step in your skincare/makeup routine?

KE: Moisturizer. Soft, moisturized skin is the key to everything. It makes you look like a goddess with or without make up.

What is your morning “getting ready” routine?

KE: I don’t think I have a routine. I just listen to what my mind and body needs at the moment. Everyday is different so you kind of have to treat each day differently. 

What is your favorite self care/beauty ritual?

KE: Playing elegant soul by the three sounds, lighting a rose candle, doing a facial mask, while drinking honey lavender tea. I like to feed all the senses with beautiful things.

[image-caption caption="Natural beauty means to love yourself and I think that’s the most important thing in life, to love yourself." type="highlight"]


What skincare woes have you faced - how have you overcome them (or learned to embrace them!)

KE: Fortunately, my only skin issue is my dryness so I have to stay super hydrated. Mountain Valley water is my go-to. I like that they use glass bottles, too!

What is the most valuable piece of beauty advice you have been given?

KE: If you feel beautiful, you radiate beauty no matter what you look like.

What is your favorite cocokind product and how do you use it?

KE: The chlorophyll mask. I like to blend it with water and the chia facial oil. My skin always feels nice after that!

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Q: What does being a Moon Citizen mean?

1: A fearless pioneer in pursuit of fulfilling a bigger purpose.

2: Driven by the heart and equipped with resilience and knowledge. 

3: A leader who is supportive, inspiring and encouraging to all.

Aim High. Become a MOON CITIZEN.

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