The Cocokind Team On The Best Beauty Advice They Ever Received

The Cocokind Team On The Best Beauty Advice They Ever Received

This week, we’re highlighting the best pieces of beauty advice that members of the cocokind team have ever received! While every person is a unique beauty, it’s always fun to pick up tips and tricks from others.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?


Don’t forget to tone!

 “My mom gave me a facial toner when I was 17. Even though it wasn’t the best type of toner for my skin, it did embed this step into my routine from a very young age! With a good toner, you are double cleansing and pH-balancing your skin. For me, it’s the one non-negotiable in my routine every AM and PM. I can skip cleansing in the morning, or even moisturizing at night, but I never ever skip the toning step with either our Rosewater or Raspberry Vinegar! It’s the glue that holds my skincare routine all together.” -Priscilla

Less is more

“The best advice I ever got was from my mom. She told me that ‘less is more.’ This approach is one I definitely try to follow when it comes to makeup!” -Olga


Stay out of the sun

“Mine was also from my mom, and I wish I took more seriously when I received it! But, wear sunscreen or a hat to cover your face! I loved tanning when I was a teenager and never wore sunscreen until a few years ago! My mom would always tell me I’d get brown spots,*points to her face*and I would make fun of her robot visors and driving gloves instead of taking her seriously! Now, my brown spots are emerging and I am looking at products that help in hyperpigmentation. I really believe applying sunscreen is one of the most important steps and that younger girls shouldn’t wait until you see freckles emerge to start! I also always leave a floppy hat in my car in case I need it for sun protection.” -Shirlene


Embrace (and illuminate!) your natural features

“The best beauty advice I’ve received was from my Dad who told me to leave my naturally thick brows alone. Rather than fight my natural features, I started to embrace what made me, look like me. So now instead of reshaping my brows, I touch them up, set with clear gel, and add a touch of highlight to my browbone!  -Emma


Drink lots of water

“I was always told to keep the skin hydrated, you have to drink lots of water. This is a very basic advice, but it does wonders to the skin, and removes toxins from the body. I’ve been implementing this for a while now, and it really has cleared up my skin. So, I always, without fail, carry a bottle of water with me!” -Shruti


Bare-faced is best

 “My mom never wears makeup and has a super simple skincare routine. Growing up, I was always told to give your skin a break. Whether it be makeup or a new skincare product, it’s so important to be kind to your skin! That could mean you wear a bare-face for a few days a week or wash your face with a splash of cold water instead of a harsh cleanser.” -Yasmine


Don’t pick at blemishes

“The best advice I have ever received was from Priscilla. She told that when you’re doing your skincare routine, or applying makeup, to stand two to three feet away from the mirror. This way, you won’t over examine your skin and pick at your pores!” -Maddy


Beauty from the inside out

 “The motto I try to live by is to nourish from the inside out. While clean, effective skincare is vital to healthy skin, so is your diet! It’s important to consider what you put in your body, and respecting and listening to it too!” -Caroline



“There’s a difference between dry and dehydrated skin! Once I realized this, I was able to finally treat my skin with what it needed.” – Grace (this is a common question! We have a post coming to tell the difference)


Be kind to your skin

“My mom always said, ‘take care of your skin, it’s the only one you’re going to have!” -Katie


What’s the best beauty advice you’ve received? Comment below!