AHA Jelly Cleanser vs. Oil to Milk Cleanser: How to Choose

All cleansers have one big thing in common: They cleanse. But beyond that, they can offer a ton of other perks, from reducing oil to replenishing the skin barrier. So depending on your skin’s needs and your personal preferences, cleanser isn’t a one-size-fits-all choice. That’s why we’re now offering not one, but two highly effective cleansers to offer something for everyone.

You might already know and love our oil to milk cleanser. It starts as an oil and transforms into a milk when in contact with water so it rinses easily without leaving a film. The formula cleanses and replenishes while actively supporting the skin barrier, thanks to its microbiome-friendly complex of fermented oat and oat lipids. (It also has slightly acidic pH when mixed with water, which matches that of your skin barrier.)

While the oil to milk cleanser is great for all skin concerns, including acne-prone skin — since oil dissolves oil, it can help take care of excess sebum that could otherwise pores — its barrier-supporting formula makes it especially helpful for anyone experiencing sensitivity or dryness.

Our AHA jelly cleanser, on the other hand, is a winner for anyone looking to control oil production, address blemishes, or get more overall clarity. The ultra-refreshing formula features a blend of AHA-rich botanicals, such as hibiscus flower acids and fermented grape, that both cleanse and exfoliate skin without stripping. That can help brighten skin, even out skin tone and texture, and keep clogs from forming in pores.

The AHA jelly cleanser is also hydrating, since it contains three humectants — betaine, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin — to help skin draw in and retain hydration. That offsets any potential for dryness from the gentle exfoliants, so it’s safe to use daily. (If you’re sensitive, start by using it less frequently and work your way up!)

You can use both oil to milk cleanser and aha jelly cleanser interchangeably, depending on how your skin looks and feels. 
If you have questions about using aha jelly cleanser and oil to milk cleanser together in your routine, comment below and we’ll do our best to help!