Embracing Our Natural Quirks: What To Do When Your Matcha Moisturizer Melts

Is your Organic Matcha Face Moisturizer melting in the heat? If so, read on to understand why this is totally normal. This consistency change is just a reminder that your moisturizer is 100% natural and unaltered… and it is still perfectly good-to-use and effective!

So, what’s going on?

Some cocokind products change texture as temperatures rise and fall because organic, unrefined coconut oil has a melting point of 76 degrees. This means that around room temperature, your matcha moisturizer will be a solid; however, in hotter temperatures, it will melt to a liquid. Stressed? Don’t be! This product works just as well as a liquid as it does a solid. Because cocokind does NOT believe in adding preservatives or chemicals to alter the natural state of our ingredients, our products’ consistency will vary based on the surrounding temperature… but no matter what state they’re in, all of the products are just as good for your skin!

Let’s talk about dark spots.

Are you seeing dark, concentrated areas on the side or bottom of your Matcha Moisturizer jar? Totally normal – you’ve just spotted some matcha residue (this is NOT mold)! The good news? Your moisturizer has already been infused with our matcha tea, so any separation or leftover residue will not affect your product’s effectiveness or benefits. All of the good stuff has already been infused in our oil.

If the product is in liquid form, however, you can simply shake up the jar to recombine any residue that may have separated from the oil.

Missing your solid moisturizer? We have a super quick fix for you!

Here’s how to turn your moisturizer back to a solid in just two easy steps:

1) Secure lid and shake up the moisturizer


2) Pop the jar in the fridge for ~5-10 minutes

Voila! Your moisturizer is ready to go and will remain a solid in normal room temperatures.

As an all-organic, raw ingredients company, we believe our customers will opt for real products with realingredients…even if those real products sometimes require a little extra love (like sticking them in the fridge!). We promise that refrigerating the product won’t hinder it in any way, and your skin will say thank you for opting for natural products!

P.S. If you are having this problem with any of our other products (like our Organic Skin Butter or Organic Matcha Body Moisturizer), this method will work just as well!