thank you for an amazing year!

Hi guys, it’s P again! 

As we’re nearing the end of 2019, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our entire community, on behalf of myself and the whole cocokind team. We had an AMAZING year, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

It’s important to me that you, our customers, feel included in our business journey, because you are the reason we’re able to continue growing. So, I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about some of the things that we were able to accomplish this year, thanks to your support: 

-At the start of the year, we launched our new and improved packaging! I designed our old packaging myself on photoshop, but as we’ve grown, I’ve realized that the cocokind brand has become way more than just one person - and it needs to represent all of us! We wanted to move cocokind into a more sophisticated brand, but one that is accessible to everyone.

-In January, we launched at Target, testing our products in 160 stores. A few months later, they informed us that they’d be launching us in more than 1700 stores in July! Although we only have our mymatcha, turmeric, and macabeet sticks in all of these stores, our cleansing oil and rosewater are in over 600 stores...AND, we’ll be expanding these products and adding our vitamin c serum, chia oil, and mai-light nationally, starting next February!

-We received an award for Purpose Driven Empowerment from Whole Foods. To quote our family over at Whole Foods: “with most of its products USDA certified organic, cocokind has helped set the industry standard for clean beauty, advancing the Whole Foods Market standards for body care products.” 

 -We put YOUR faces on a billboard to spread skin positivity and self-love. This was an extremely important campaign to us. I had never felt compelled to have branded billboards up, but spreading skin and self positivity felt worth it to me. And together, we accomplished something that meant so much to me and the rest of our community. We are not your typical beauty company that pushes you to be and look perfect - we want to help you feel more like YOU. This campaign did THAT, and we couldn’t have been more proud.  

-We launched our first ever product collaboration - our sea kale clay mask, made with Jeannette Ogden of @shutthekaleup! Jeannette is a dear friend of mine and we’ve always felt that her values are perfectly aligned with cocokind’s. We sold out of the mask months before we anticipated, and judging by all of the emails we get daily, you all loved it! While we launched this mask as a limited edition product, we encourage you to continue leaving reviews so we can decide if we will bring it back. 

-We hired new people on every one of our internal teams, who have helped us grow and evolve as a business, and as a clean skincare company that you can count on. Our team will continue growing (stay tuned for job postings), but we are so lucky to be anchored by a team who is smart, values-driven, and extremely passionate about….YOU!

 -We made a ton of headway on our sustainability initiatives. More importantly, we continue to solidify our approach to sustainability -  it isn’t about the end goal, but about continuous progress, and always challenging ourselves to act and be more earth-friendly. While there are many exciting initiatives that we’re working on for 2020, this year was instrumental in building out that foundation.  

 -We provided financial grants to inspiring, female-identifying founders through the cocokind impact foundation! You can read more about our 2019 grantees here - the founders of KIMBRITIVE, Social Cipher, Rent-a-Romper, Holisiticism, and VOXAPOD. We couldn’t be prouder to help support our community and future businesses that empower all of us. 

-One of our biggest overarching goals for 2019 was to broaden our product assortment and reach more people. We wanted all types of people, no matter where they were in their clean beauty journey, to be able to use and enjoy using cocokind. For us, that meant putting our own spin on traditional products like serums, balms, and retinols, or k-beauty inspired ones, like essences. I think we definitely reached that goal, with our vitamin c serum with sea grape caviar, glow essence, resurfacing sleep mask, and one-for-all balm

-We moved our corporate office around the corner and completely redesigned the space! While we’re not sure how long we’ll be staying here, it’s our “fanciest” office to date. 

-We have definitely faced challenges scaling our operations, but we also fulfilled hundreds of thousands of packages this year, and are continuing to build out long-term infrastructure and systems to be able to scale even more. We appreciate you for being patient with out-of-stocks or longer-than-expected shipping times during high demand periods, and I’m extremely appreciative and proud of our small team for their consistent hard work throughout the year. 

We’ve accomplished a lot, but at the end of the day, we’re still just a small company, doing as much as we can to bring great products to our community. No matter how big we grow, we’re committed to providing clean, conscious, and accessible products to the world. We’re constantly learning from each other and working to improve, but I’m so proud of the way that we’ve always stayed true to our values - and we always will! 

Thank you again for one of the best years EVER! We have so many exciting developments in 2020 and we can’t wait to share them all with you guys. We love you!!



P and team cocokind