not so obvious signs of skin aging

Everything in life is constantly changing and skin is no exception to this. As we age, we’ll begin to notice natural changes in our skin. It’s not uncommon that when you first think of aging skin, you’ll think of fine lines and wrinkles. But the first signs of aging skin can often be increased texture, dullness & sunspots, and sagging skin. Aging is beautiful and there’s no reason to be concerned about these changes, but if you are looking to address them then we’re here to talk through which products to use!

skin texture

Our skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells and replacing them with new ones, this is called cell turnover. This process happens throughout our lifetime but as we age it inevitably slows down and changes our skin texture. Soft, smooth skin may change into bumpy rough patches. While skin’s natural cell turnover may slow down, there are ingredients that can help speed it up! Keep an eye out for products containing ingredients like AHA’s, (alpha hydroxy acids) they help remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Our AHA jelly cleanser is an easy way to include AHAs in your daily routine without worrying about over-exfoliation thanks to hyaluronic acid and betaine for added hydration. If you prefer a treatment that you can use 3-5x a week, our turmeric illuminating solution is formulated with a (still gentle!) blend of exfoliants to promote cell turnover and turmeric to help with overall skin brightening!

dark spots and dullness

Did you know that sun damage accounts for a staggering 80% of the signs of aging? Excuse us while we reapply some sunscreen! Sun exposure creates free radicals on the skin which are responsible for creating dark spots, commonly called “age spots” or “sun spots”. However, there’s a dermatologist-favorite ingredient that studies have shown is effective in reducing the appearance of dark spots… vitamin C! It’s a powerful antioxidant that fights the free radicals that cause sun spots. Our vitamin C glow serum pairs vitamin C with azelaic acid to further reduce the look of dark spots and improve uneven, dull skin tone. 

Of course, the best way to treat any skin concerns is to prevent it. Since the sun is such a significant factor in developing dark spots and dull skin, sun protection is your best defense! (In fact, one study found that sunscreen can not only prevent sun damage but may actually repair it.) Make it a staple in your routine with our daily SPF, a lightweight mineral formula that leaves a dewy glow.

loss of elasticity & sagging skin

Remember how free radicals create dark spots? Well, they also break down our collagen AND elastin. Repeated facial expressions are another factor that damages our collagen and elastin. As our muscles move in the same ways over and over (smiling, laughing, squinting, etc.) they create grooves in the skin…well worth it, in our opinion! Keeping your skin well-hydrated plumps up skin cells and helps smooth the skin’s appearance. Using products like our rich moisture & barrier duo is a great way to give your skin the little extra love that it deserves! Our ceramide barrier serum hydrates your skin and reduces moisture loss while our resurrection polypeptide cream plumps and firms your skin by promoting skin’s natural collagen production.

remember that aging is a privilege 

Throughout life, our skin will naturally transition from smoother and more even-toned to textured, dull with dark spots, and decreased skin elasticity. Experiencing these normal and natural changes is a privilege because living a long life is a privilege! Whether you choose to address these signs of aging is up to you, but if you do, we hope our products make you feel good about your skin as you age.