what to expect with natural skincare

If you’ve never tried our products before, you might not be used to some of the textures, fragrances, or even occasional variances in color. Natural skincare products might not look, smell, or even feel like the conventional skincare products you’re used to. And that’s not a bad thing! 

These small sensory differences actually serve as your proof of purchase - verifiable evidence that you’ve purchased a natural, organic product, not a bottle full of fillers or chemicals. Here are a few specific POPs for your consideration. 


If you’ve scanned through the ingredients of a conventional skincare product recently, you might have seen the word “fragrance” listed as an ingredient. That’s it - no parenthetical denotation of what ingredients comprise the “fragrance” in question, no further explanation, no nothing. 

That’s because the FDA does not require brands to disclose what their fragrances are made of; legally, fragrances can be considered “trade secrets,” and can remain secret from consumers without consequence. So, although an ingredient list might appear simple and straightforward, the word “fragrance” could be camouflaging any number of chemicals or additives. Though these probably aren’t the types of ingredients you want to rub into your skin,“fragrances” do allow your conventional products to smell great consistently. 

In comparison, the earthier fragrances of natural skincare products come as a result of being formulated without any “fragrances” at all (you will never see the word “fragrance” listed on a cocokind ingredient list, and that’s a promise!). Natural products might not smell like your typical, artificially-scented concoctions, but at least you’ll have the knowledge of every single ingredient that’s in the bottle. 

At cocokind, our version of a “fragrance” consists of small amounts of pleasantly-scented, plant-based essential oils. However, these oils are always selected because of the other benefits that they offer, whether they be antioxidant, aromatherapeutic, or something else entirely. But you’ll never see us formulating with an ingredient for its scent and its scent alone!


As we’ve mentioned, when it comes to natural skincare products, minor variances in color are completely normal, and in fact, to be expected. Next time you open up a new facial repair oil only to find it a few shades darker or lighter than your last bottle was, don’t be alarmed. Here’s why. 

Consider the avocado oil in our facial repair oil. Avocado oil is (obviously) extracted from avocados, and not all avocados are created equal They naturally vary in color; if the colors of avocados vary, then the colors of different batches of avocado oil will vary. And batch to batch, the colors of our facial repair oil will vary.

And that’s just the nature (pun intended) of natural skincare - you’ve chosen a formula based around something that occurs in nature, which means that its color can’t (and shouldn’t be!) regulated or controlled. 

At cocokind, we don’t worry about factors as trivial as color consistency - we’re much more concerned with bringing you a great, effective product than we are about serving you a facial oil that looks exactly the same, every time. 

**side note - of course there are also conventional skincare products that use natural ingredients like avocado oil, but they typically use them in such small amounts that the variances are difficult or even impossible to see!


Conventional skincare products offer consistently smooth, attractive textures. They’re typically formulated with ingredients that contribute only to their texture, without offering additional skin benefits.

A perfect example of this is carbomer, a synthetic chemical commonly used to thicken cosmetic products and keep ingredients from separating. The conventional skincare brand might choose to formulate with carbomer, but the natural skincare brand might choose something like xantham gum, a natural polysaccharide that stabilizes formulas, keeps ingredients from separating, improves the texture of formulas, and also helps hydrate the skin. 

In this case, the point is not that natural skincare products are less likely to have appealing textures, but that it’s possible to create appealing textures without the use of synthetic chemicals. Looking for proof? Check out the lightweight, jelly-like, and positively delightful texture of our vitamin c serum with sea grape caviar.

When it comes to skincare, you should never have to compromise; but natural differences in color or fragrance are just too minor to really matter. What does matter (in our opinion) is that you’re treating your skin with good, nourishing skincare products, made with real, whole ingredients. 

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