CEO Monthly Letter: what to expect from us in 2021

Hey team!

2021 is finally here! I wanted to take some time to share what we have planned this year. While 2020 taught us that having defined plans can be totally unrealistic, we are working on a number of different initiatives that I wanted to share with you!

This year will mark six years of being in business. We’re at the point in our journey where we are learning how to scale. “Scaling” is a term commonly used in startups, but oftentimes overly focused on superficial headlines and numbers. Today, I want to share real life examples on how you can expect us to scale.

Scaling to us in 2021 means that we will be:

Reaching more customers while keeping our authentic voice. It’s hard to believe that five years ago, I was sampling our products in Whole Foods stores, talking to one customer at a time. Throughout our growth and in every interaction with you, it’s important to me that we maintain the warmth, authenticity, and one-on-one feel upon which this company was founded. This isn't marketing, it's simply us being REAL people who care about our customers feeling good, period.

Producing and delivering more products while maintaining, if not improving, our overall quality and offering. Having quality ingredients and formulations that actually work, and delivering a strong experience to you, continues to be a priority for us. Every year, we get better and better in this regard, and I expect 2021 to be no exception!

Building not just a strong business, but a strong organization. It’s one thing to grow sales, but it’s another thing to grow a thriving organization. Startups don’t always get that right; it’s a journey full of pivots and difficult twists and turns. We’re not perfect, but we humbly stay committed to learning as an organization. We’re going to continue to prioritize our team, growing together as a unit to carry out our mission and hopefully have a great time while at it!

Expanding our product line thoughtfully. We always like to balance creating products that you’ve been requesting for a long time with introducing new, exciting things! Last year, for instance, we launched our highly anticipated SPF (that was three years in the making!), but also launched beauty beverages that no one saw coming. This year, we’re launching thoughtfully formulated products that will continue our commitment to sustainability and efficaciousness, while expanding into a few new categories. Like cocokind in the shower? Coming this year!!

Sharing more about how and why we do things. Transparency has always been a part of our DNA. We're not a brand that is scared of oversharing. We believe our customers deserve to know who they are supporting and why! This year, we’re going to continue to lead and push the limits when it comes to transparency. Whether it’s about our company, packaging, testing procedures, ingredients, etc., you can expect to see and hear a ton about how things work behind-the-scenes.

And speaking of what to expect, on a personal note, most of you know that I’m expecting (I’m currently writing this 36 weeks pregnant with a very active and kicking baby…)! Our company policy for paid parental leave is three months. I’ve never been away from cocokind for more than five days, however, so prepping for this time period has been a mental, emotional, and physical exercise! I'm honestly a little nervous about balancing all the things I'm so passionate about in my life - something I know many of you can relate to.

During my parental leave, you'll still see me show up on our social media channels and check in with our community from time to time, but I’ll be prioritizing rest and family. I’m so grateful to know that our team is more than ready and equipped to serve you in my absence - we truly have an incredible team that lives and breathes our mission.

Thank you for continuing to support cocokind as we embark on another year; I’m so excited for what’s to come!!

With love,

P, Founder and CEO