update from the cocokind lab

It’s officially Week 10 of developing our lip SPF, and we’ve got a big update! So far, we’ve settled on a lip balm with SPF, no tint, and a medium-shine finish. (Whether it has a flavor is still TBD.) 70% of people voted that they would pay more for an SPF 20, so we’re currently developing the SPF filters for this product. 
Our lip SPF will use both mineral and chemical filters, which will allow us to max out the respective benefits of each type! Chemical sunscreens protect your skin by absorbing UV rays and converting it into energy, like heat. Mineral sunscreens work by also absorbing and converting, as well as scattering/reflecting the UV rays.

We’ll use a combination of zinc oxide (mineral) and homosalate (chemical) to offer broad spectrum sun protection, minimal whitecast, and a lightweight texture and soft feel.

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