The Art of Beauty and The Story Behind

A video project by cocokind

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A special thank you to the incredibly strong women in this video (Jenny Eng, Ashley Rose, Olivi Perez, Lihi Benisty)
Video Credits:
Directed by Vanessa Mona Hellmann, @vanessamona
Producer/Editor: Vanessa Mona Hellmann
On-Location Sound Recordist/Post Production Sound Editor: Madalyn Fernandez, @madfern1811
Audio Producer: Madalyn Fernandez
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The Initial Idea
In February this year, I posted the following picture to show our community how diverse our ingredients are and how unique skin can be.

After seeing your feedback to this picture, I realized a few things:

  • We all respond to images and “beauty” with varying emotions
  • Our ingredients are expressive – they are so much more than skincare
  • We all have a story to tell

I realized that if I had given the ingredients in the above picture to ten different women, each woman would paint herself differently. We all have individual needs, varying emotions, and a million ways we choose to express ourselves. Most importantly, I realized that our community is empowered when we reveal vulnerabilities.

It can be so much easier to show people how strong we are – and I do think it is important to acknowledge and honor our individual strengths. However, what I’ve observed over the past few years of running a beauty company is that there is something even more interesting that happens when we share our insecurities. For some reason, the more weaknesses I show, the stronger both the cocokind community and I become.

I’ve learned that once vulnerabilities are shared, we become empowered as we connect with other women and appreciate our beauty in new ways.

It is that type of empowerment that I wanted to create with The Art of Beauty.


The Concept

The concept of this video is to share our deepest vulnerabilities and reclaim the power that comes with being our own artists of our beauty. We were so beyond grateful that the four women in this video understood our message. We were even more lucky that they all have a strong connection to cocokind (in order of being featured, we have Jenny from our operations team, Ashley from our broker network, Olivi who keeps our company clean and organized, and Lihi who is an avid user of the line).

The four women were asked to choose an emotion for each color and paint their bodies in the areas where they felt that specific emotion. Each woman chose unique definitions for their colors, ranging from “confident” and “strong” to “shame” and “hidden”.  I was blown away with what and how these women expressed their emotions, and how bravely they revealed deep emotions that many of us women feel about ourselves but never share out loud.

 While we may not be able to escape insecurities, we realize that we are more than our individual strengths and flaws. It is the combination of all our emotions that make us powerful, unique, and indeed, beautiful.


How did we create our “paint”?

We used turmeric root for a gold color, charcoal for black, beet root for a deep maroon, and spirulina for a rich green. We didn’t need any artificial ingredients!


Why now?

We specifically wanted to launch this video ahead of our new product launches next week. We want to make sure our consumers know that our mission first and always is to empower women through our clean, conscious, and accessible skincare.

We will never be a company that tries to cover you up. We want to empower your skin and your minds.


I hope you love this video as much as I do. We’ll be initiating several conversations about beauty over the next week so stay engaged with our community of strong women. 

Thank you so much for the love and continued support.

-Priscilla, CEO and Founder