Pyruvic Acid: What It Is & How It Benefits Skin

While you might already be familiar with alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids (or already have them in your routine!) one newbie you might not have encountered yet is pyruvic acid. This ingredient has flown under the radar compared to its better-known counterparts, but it’s worth getting to know ASAP, as it can offer some pretty significant perks of its own.

Let’s start with the basics: Pyruvic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and is naturally found in your cells, where it turns into lactic acid under certain conditions. And that can have big implications for your skin. The (totally natural) conversion from pyruvic acid to lactic acid acts like a speed-bump for skin, slowing down absorption and therefore offering more gentle exfoliation than lactic acid alone. 

Its gentle, easygoing attributes made it a must-have in the new AHA jelly cleanser, where we sourced it from hibiscus flower acids.This cleanser effectively exfoliates to leave skin with a smoother texture, brightened skin tone, and clearer pores — and a minimal risk of irritation.

Pyruvic acid allows everyone, even those who lean sensitive, to reap the (many) benefits of AHA. It helps smooth and improve skin texture, encourages cell renewal and collagen production, hydrates skin, and even balances sebum production. In fact, one study found pyruvic acid to be a safe, effective treatment for mild to moderate acne. And with aha jelly cleanser, you can get its (many) benefits in your own routine.
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