price increases for select products

Hi guys, it's P! 
When I first started this company, everyone told me that the pricing of our products (< $25) for our formulas was “no man’s land.” People told me that like-for-like products charge WAY higher, and people wouldn’t believe in our quality at the prices we were charging. Even then, when I had no idea how things would turn out with cocokind, I believed that this was a necessary offering to make really GOOD skincare less expensive. I still believe this today. 

This month, we’re having to update many of our products’ prices by $1-$2 (all still under $25).  In order to keep up with rising costs of our raw materials, manufacturing, and logistics, we are having to implement this price increase for the first time ever. Over the past year, our supply chain has kept employees safe by reducing production lines, implementing multiple checks, and increased sanitization in all facilities. Additionally, freight and our globally-sourced ingredient prices have increased significantly (sometimes even 5x the cost!). All of these factors have an impact on our supply chain. Up until this point, I’ve been extremely stubborn about cocokind trying to absorb all of these costs in hopes they would return back to normal in the long term. 

However, we now have increased visibility that we will continue to experience elevated costs for the foreseeable future, thus making this price increase necessary. This is the first price increase we have taken in the six years that we’ve been in business, and we do not take it lightly. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and being a part of the cocokind community - you are so important to us! 
founder and CEO