*pineapple body scrub DIY*

If you like piña coladas…you might like this exfoliating body scrub that smells just like one (rum not included). 

Made with just four simple ingredients, this tropical-smelling body exfoliator is perfect for scrubbing your way to island-ready, silky-smooth skin.

PS. We know it smells delicious - but don’t eat it!

so what’s it made of? 


Pineapple is a lot more than the perfect summer snack - it’s packed with antioxidant Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory bromelain. Antioxidants help protect skin against oxidative stress caused by UV exposure, pollution, and the like. You’ve heard all about how necessary antioxidants are for healthy skin on your face, but the skin on your body can benefit from their protection just as much.

Pineapple is also rich in bromelain, an enzyme with powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. This can be great for reducing swelling or puffiness in your arms and legs (common after working out or air travel!).

facial cleansing oil

Our facial cleansing oil uses a moisturizing blend of organic virgin coconut oil, virgin avocado oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil to cleanse skin of impurities without stripping it or drying it out. When used in our pineapple body scrub, it helps lift away dirt and grime, leaving skin feeling clean, refreshed, and nourished.

coconut sugar 

Any kind of sugar will do the exfoliating trick, but we love coconut sugar for its tropical fragrance. In this recipe, coconut sugar works as a physical exfoliant, helping soften your skin by sloughing away dead skin cells. 

Since we’re using sugar, it’s important to note that we recommend this scrub only for the skin on your body, not for the skin on your face. The skin on your body is much tougher, and can benefit from the abrasiveness of a sugar-based exfoliant, but the sharp edges of sugar granules are much too harsh to use on the sensitive skin on your face. When used on the face, some sugar scrubs can cause micro-tears, which open up your skin to bacteria and other stressors (and we definitely don’t want that!).

coconut oil 

You guys are well aware of how we feel about this nutrient-dense oil. Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which help deeply hydrate and support your skin’s natural barrier. It’s also rich in Vitamin E, which offers further antioxidant protection and helps soothe skin.

now, for the recipe! 

you’ll need: 

- ¼ cup fresh pineapple, chopped into cubes

- ¾-1 cup coconut sugar

- 5-10 pumps of our facial cleansing oil

- ¼ melted coconut oil  


  1. blend the pineapple chunks until smooth.
  2. add in the coconut oil and blend some more!
  3. pour the mixture into a bowl.

4. mix in the cleansing oil and sugar.

5. use circular motions to massage this scrub into damp skin, and then rinse with water. 

Get scrubbing! We hope you enjoyed this simple DIY. As always, feel free to email info@cocokind.com or DM us on Instagram with any questions :)