beauty by: meredith wing // mixed media fashion illustrator

Meet Meredith Wing (@moomooi), a mixed media fashion illustrator from NYC. Her Initial training in fashion design and architecture has come together in three-dimensional drawings that celebrate unusual materials. Her #SomeFlowerGirls illustrations, combining fresh flowers, produce and other found-objects, rapidly gained a loyal following on Instagram. Check her out on Instagram and her website!

Have you always been interested in clean beauty? When did this come about?

MW: No - I was totally ignorant about how important "clean beauty" was until I moved to France in 2008. I started noticing that brands like L'Oreal were much more expensive abroad. A mascara that was $6 in the US was $18 or so over there. When I found out this was due to all the chemicals that are banned in France, and price was driven up by a more careful process, I started doing more research. I was shocked to learn so many chemicals are in the products I'd been using since I was a pre-teen!


Why is natural beauty important to you?

MW: What we put on our face and body should be just as important as what we put in our body. It's hypocritical of me to drink from BPA free containers, avoid artificial sweeteners and meat, go to all that effort and yet slap anything on my face or on my body to let it into my pores! MooMooi illustrations (@moomooi) celebrate natural ingredients and the beauty of nature, so natural beauty makes sense cosmetically too.


[image-caption caption="chia oil - it's a gulp of water for my skin! twice daily :)" type="highlight"]



Where/from whom did you learn about skincare/makeup?

MW: Reading beauty magazines like Allure growing up gave me an introduction to beauty regimens, products and routine. I had no idea there were so many! I am still overwhelmed by the plethora of products and advice (often contradictory) but more more confident experimenting with products when I know they've come from a good place.

I look to beautiful women around me for advice because these are results I actually see and can trust.


What is the most important step in your skincare/makeup routine?

MW: cocokind's chia oil breaks the barrier of my dry winter skin and is like a gulp of water. I never miss that. Also a double cleanse!


What is your morning “getting ready” routine?

MW:  Shower, foam face wash, take vitamins, sips of coffee with more water to balance it out then:


[image-caption caption="I philosophically learned to just embrace who I am - we all have our skin issues!" type="highlight"]



What skincare woes have you faced - how have you overcome them (or learned to embrace them!)

MW: dry skin, adult acne, sunspots - lots of nasty stuff! I treat with various gentle products, have gone all clean with my makeup, and I philosophically learned to just embrace who I am - we all have our skin issues! 

What is the most valuable piece of beauty advice you have been given?

MW: a little blush to brighten up your cheeks really wakes you up!

What is your favorite cocokind product and how do you use it?

MW: chia oil - it's a gulp of water for my skin! twice daily :)