Meet: Wellness Expert Lisa Hayim

For the second edition of our MEET: WELLNESS EXPERT series, we reached out to our friend Lisa Hayim MS, RD, wellness blogger, and founder of The Well Necessities (read more about the TWN collection here)! It also happens to be her BIRTHDAY today!!! To celebrate this registered dietitian, we’re interviewing Lisa about her healthy lifestyle and wellness journey. But first…

If you haven’t seen THIS VIDEO, it’s an absolute must see. We just love her (and it looks like we’re not the only ones)!


Hey girl! To start, we wanted to understand what ignited your healthy living journey?

GOOD question. I wish I had an answer to this one. It feels like healthy living found me. For years, I kind of ignored this passion of mine- a love of learning nutrition for fear of the hard science classes. Finally, I came to a point where I realized this was my only sustained interest over the years.

Healthy living, to me, is an easier form of life. It helps me be the most present and aware. This not only benefits me, but it also helps me foster good relationships, and protect them.

We’re obsessed with the TWN Collection! What do you hope to achieve with this amazing concept?

Thank you!!! I appreciate cocokind contributing to our first collection ever. It was a special edition! My goal is to connect the healthy food and wellness industry with the people who want it. There is a general disconnect between people who want to know about new, clean, trusted products, and finding it.

I hope to open up the eyes of our subscribers and show them how many amazing products are on the market, and are more accessible than they realize. I hope it serves as a tool to empower people to make better choices, when they previously didn’t think they had a choice at all!

Why do you think it’s important to use organic products?

As a nutritionist, I talk a lot about your body’s protective mechanisms. When we eat, our body does a decent job of filtering out the toxins through the liver and kidneys. Our skin, however, does not have this type of protection. What we put on our skin is absorbed directly into your blood stream. This is a new concept to me, and one I wish I knew about earlier!!

What’s one healthy living habit you can’t live without?

Taking a bath! I take a bath almost every day. It’s just a few minutes to myself to unwind, put down the cellphone, and relax my muscles and mind.

What is your favorite cocokind product and when do you use it?

I’m yet to try a cocokind product I don’t like! If I had to choose, I would say the Organic Matcha Body Moisturizer. It is so creamy- yet not heavy on the skin, smells amazing, and feels so nourishing. I also love the lip balm and use it every night before bed.


Who is your favorite girl boss role model?

Registered Dietitian Keri Glassman- she has a family, a booming business, and changes the lives of so many on a daily basis. She is also committed to helping other younger dietitians like me, and sees the importance of preparing for the future, intead of just living in the now. Also, Priscilla! Priscilla is a humble Wharton graduate who is beautiful, strong, and a created an amazing line.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Keeping up with the Kardashians. I find them all to be so uniquely interesting, and dare I say it, resilient.


Follow Lisa on Instagram for more inspiration! HAPPY BDAY, GIRL!