meet the 2021 impact foundation grantees!

The cocokind impact foundation was founded in 2018 to provide financial grants to female-identifying founders who are focused on creating social impact through their businesses. We are honored to introduce you to this year's recipients! 

Undefined Beauty

Founder Dorian Morris is on a mission to democratize wellness and “undefine” what holistic, plant-based beauty looks like. This company prioritizes conscious capitalism by partnering with female-founded, BIPOC, and LGBTQ businesses across its supply chain!

Alaya Tea

Co-founded by Esha Chhabra and Smita Satiani, their company invests in Indian farmers who are pioneering the organic and regenerative tea movement. They prioritize accessibility of high-quality teas, sustainability through compostable packaging, and reduction of supply chain plastic. 

Pound Cake

Camille Bell co-founded her beauty brand to challenge the notion that one shade looks the same on everyone, by treating ALL color cosmetics like foundation. They are a pro-Black, pro-fat, and pro-queer company with community at their core and a dedication to hiring and partnering with people from marginalized communities.

Congrats to our grantees! Check out more info on the impact foundation here.