Limited Edition: Collaboration with Artist @MOOMOOI

Our Organic Rosewater Toner is getting a temporary makeover!

Here at cocokind, much of our inspiration is drawn from the wellness space, innovative lifestyle movements, and creative ideas. We love to connect with others who are passionate about natural living so that we can share AND, more importantly, learn (exactly why we do events like this and this).

And being a natural skincare company, that means we are also a wellness company. As we know, wellnessencompasses skincare, diet, lifestyle, and passions – such as art.

Which brings us to our current obsession…Meredith Wing, the illustrator behind @MooMooi.

Meredith is a New York and Sydney based artist inspired by fashion, flowers, and food. Her whimsical images have been commissioned by some of the world’s top designers, institutions, brands and publications.

Meredith helped us create a limited edition box using her illustrations – and we’re featuring her work on our Organic Rosewater Box. Starting today, if you purchase our organic rosewater toner on our website, you will receive this limited edition box. We’ll also be rolling out these boxes to our retail partners over the next six months. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch one before they sell out!

Our Rosewater Toner with a life-sized “In Full Bloom” illustration – our newest piece of office art!

Meredith briefly stepped away from the drawing board to talk about her art, her inspirations, and how her illustrations tie into the wellness lifestyle.

How long have you been creating these illustrations for? How did you get started?

My husband and I were bored during a layover in 2013 and I had a little pack of Chiclet gum. To be silly, I made a drawing and we used it as a purse in the image. I posted this little “gum purse” to Instagram and people loved it! So I fed off of that reaction and started doing found-object drawings more often simply because it was quirky and I felt happy doing it.

From the age of five I have been drawing similar fashion illustrations—always inspired by the old Hollywood movies my dad watched and fashion magazines I devoured throughout my childhood. It was only recently with Instagram, however, I found a place to share what I had previously done only for myself. Sharing what I love with a broad audience feels so rewarding!

How did plants/food/fruit become a focus in your art?

Architecture school gave me a sensitivity to materials, volumes and texture. Mixed media pieces that use everyday objects like flowers or food furthermore feel like a natural way to incorporate everyday moments into an artwork. By sharing an illustration that uses these elements, I am also documenting a personal moment. I may very well eat that coconut you see in a picture shortly after photographing it!


What do you hope people take away from your illustrations?

Success is people experiencing my illustrations as a little escape from an everyday routine. A moment in which a whimsical image can impart a feeling of imagination is the goal.

Is there any crossover between the wellness lifestyle and the illustrations that you create?

Absolutely.  Living in Bondi Beach this past year has allowed me to embrace the wellness lifestyle fully and this environment has naturally trickled into my work. I find myself not only using more health-related materials like coconut, herbal leaves and local produce but also drawing girls who seem to have a lighter step and sense of peace – if such a thing is possible!


Do you have one tip that you want to share for people who may be interesting in becoming a full-time artist/designer?

When you do what you enjoy, it shows. Focus on the content and style about which you are most excited rather than what you think people might want to see. Your audience will naturally evolve and your work will remain authentic.

We hope you love our collaboration with Meredith. Make sure to look for our limited-time edition Rosewater Toner boxes – coming to shelves soon!

-The cocokind team