introducing the new *prebiotic body scrubbing clay*

It's finally here! Our prebiotic body scrubbing clay has just arrived and is ready to transform your skin.

This scrubbing clay isn’t your average body scrub. First of all, it features upcycled coffee grounds, which we source from a local coffee manufacturer that would otherwise toss them. These coffee grounds offer physical exfoliation, while their high caffeine content helps firm skin and improve its radiance. Chicory root extract is a prebiotic, meaning it serves as a snack for the good bacteria on skin and ultimately helps them flourish. Since exfoliation can sometimes interfere with or even damage the skin’s microbiome — leading to an overgrowth of bad, inflammation-causing bacteria — it’s important to support the growth of good bacteria and ensure a healthy microbiome. Prebiotics do just that.

Finally, like a detoxifying clay mask for your body, kaolin red clay works to clarify skin, decongest pores, and just deep-clean skin — that’s one of the reasons this formula can help with body breakouts. In this formula, these ingredients work together to soften, smooth, and balance skin in one restorative (and mess-free!) step.

how do I use it?

In the shower after cleansing, rub a quarter-sized amount of clay between your hands. Massage in circular motions all over your body to slough away dead skin, then rinse off residual polish. Use up to 3x a week.

*Optional: leave on for two minutes as a body mask before rinsing! This is particularly helpful on breakout-prone areas.

what else is in it:

bentonite clay

Composed of aged volcanic ash, bentonite works as a powerful anti-pollutant. It also thickens our formula and gives it a velvety feel.

oryza sativa (rice) powder

This powder acts as a gentle exfoliating agent to soothe and clarify skin.


H2O serves as the liquid base of this scrub, acting as a solvent and improving our formula’s texture and spreadability.


This plant-derived, soy-free humectant draws in moisture and retains it in the skin.

hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate

This natural skin-conditioning compound, derived from olive fruits, replaces silicone in our scrubbing clay.

stearic acid

This fatty acid supports your skin’s barrier function, while also thickening and stabilizing our formula.

glyceryl stearate SE

This plant-derived mixture of glycerin and stearic acid, which can be found naturally in the human body, helps stabilize our formula, reduce evaporation, and allows for residue-free rinse-off.

cetyl alcohol

This plant-derived fatty alcohol helps soften skin, deliver actives, and prevent the ingredients in our formula from separating. It also thickens our formula and improves spreadability.

hydrogenated olive oil unsaponifiables

Derived from olive fruits, this conditioning ingredient works as a silicone alternative.

caprylhydroxamic acid

This plant-derived acid works as a natural preservative in our formula.


A clean alternative to parabens, this preservative helps keep our formula free of harmful microbes

glyceryl caprylate

This plant-derived emulsifier helps soften the skin and prevent ingredients in our formula from separating.

polysorbate 20

This mild surfactant emulsifies our formula, keeping the oils and waters uniformly mixed to deliver maximum skin benefit. An FDA-approved food additive, it’s been tested and proven by third-party labs to be free of toxic contaminants including toluene, ethylene oxide, and 1,4 dioxane.

xanthan gum

This plant-based, FDA-approved food additive helps thicken and stabilize our formula.

sodium phytate

This chelating agent helps prevent discoloration, boost preservatives, and keep our formula stable.

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