Introducing: The Cocokind Collective Highlighters

We are SO excited for our newest launch: meet our mushroom-charged cocokind collective highlighters! 


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Our newest additions will be your beauty must-haves–for the times when you feel like wearing NO makeup and the other times when you feel like getting totally glammed up. Our 100% VEGAN highlighters are a playful take on your everyday look; they can be used on your cheeks, brow bone, eye lids, body, and any features you want to highlight! With three different shades (SUNREI GOLD, MAI-LIGHT ROSÉ, and CHAGAGLO BRONZE), you can use each shade alone or layer together to personalize your look!

Accessibly priced at $12 dollars each (or $33 for the set of all three), our highlighters use the cleanest formula you’ll find on the market and are supercharged with organic mushrooms! They were formulated to deliver as much highlighter payoff as they do skincare benefits. Using reishi, maitake, and chaga mushrooms, your skin will benefit from super-antioxidants that help protect and hydrate your skin all day long.


How to use?

To achieve a playful take on the everyday look for all skin tones, glide onto cheeks, brow bone, eye lids, or body for a fresh luminosity. Use fingertips, or even a brush or blender, to gently tap and blend into skin.

Our three shades, gold, rosé, and bronze, are compatible for all skin tones. They are easy to mix, layer, or use alone to reflect whatever mood you’re in!


Skincare benefits and ingredients 

As with any other cocokind product, the health and natural beauty of the skin is our central focus. Not only do our highlighters create a dewy and luminous finish, but they also deliver on skincare benefits because of all the amazing ingredients we’ve chosen! Below, we’re breaking down the benefits of our organic and adaptogenic mushrooms, as well as the other ingredients that can be found in the highlighters.





Reishi Mushroom (found in SUNREI gold)

Crafted with organic reishi musroom, SUNREI contains several benefits beyond its radiant glow. Reishi mushrooms contain unique plant chemicals called triterpenes, which are “toxic” to free radicals. As a result, triterpenes restrict the havoc free radicals can reign on the skin like inflammation and sun damage. This superfood mushroom not only supports cell reproduction, but also can repair and develop new healthy skin cells. To top it off, reishi’s triterpenes are known to have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Additionally, reishi also contains a substantial amount of kojic acid. Kojic acid helps to stop melanin production (which is what causes dark spots or darker pigments). This can help brighten skin…helping you achieve even more of a natural glow!


Maitake Mushroom (found in MAI-LIGHT rosé)

MAI-LIGHT utilizes the benefits of maitake mushroom, which contain high levels of beta glucans, a sugar compound found in the cell wall of bacteria, fungi, and plants. These compounds boast many benefits, such as increased immunity and protection from free radicals and pathogens, stimulation of collagen production which in turn improves cell turnover, and intense hydrating qualities. In fact, beta glucans are known to be 20% more effective than hyaluronic acid in retaining moisture!


Chaga Mushroom (found in CHAGAGLO bronze)

Found in CHAGAGLO, chaga mushroom contains the powerful SOD’s, or superoxide dismutase, a “super antioxidant” that halts oxidative stress and free radical effects. The high concentration of SOD’s in chaga mushrooms contributes to its antioxidant power. In fact, chaga contains one of the highest antioxidant concentrations of any one food.

The chaga mushroom also contains betulin, which supports healthy function of the immune system and cell renewal. This mushroom also lessens the expression of molecules that creates inflammatory reactions, which is super helpful for maintaining clear and calm skin.



The other beneficial ingredients:

-Organic Castor Seed Oil: Composed of nearly 90 percent ricinoleic acid, which provides deep hydration and protects the skin from inflammation.

-Organic Jojoba Oil: Contains both vitamin E and vitamin B, as well as minerals like chromium, copper, and zinc all of which shield the skin from environmental stressors. It also contributes to highlighter’s lightweight feel and easy-to-absorb quality.

-Sunflower Wax: A vegan substitute for beeswax that provides the smooth consistency in the sticks.

-Organic Mango Seed Butter: Rich with antioxidants, vitamin A, and vitamin E, it helps soften the skin, as well as protect it from UV rays. This also helps to create the soft and creamy-like consistency in our highlighters.

-Mixed Tocopherols: A natural antioxidant made up of mixed natural tocopherols from sunflower oil, which acts as a natural preservative.

-Organic Rosemary Extract: An antibacterial and antioxidant oil derived from rosemary.

-Organic Calendula Extract: A skin-soothing plant derived extra that has protective, anti-aging, and hydrating benefits.

-Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Iron Oxide: Natural, non-nano minerals that provide the soft shimmer and color in our highlighters. Mica is a natural occurring mineral that provides luster and shine. Our non-nano titanium dioxide, which means that it is too large of a particle to be absorbed by skin, is a non-toxic naturally occurring pigment that is used to coat mica to achieve its color and shine. Our iron oxide is also used to coat mica to prevent color bleeding. Our use of natural minerals and coatings are non-toxic to the skin, of course!



We’ll be posting tutorials all week long on our Instagram so make sure to follow along. We cannot wait for you to get your hands on our newest additions — tag us in all of your new selfies!