Six Ways to Switch Your Skincare Routine for Fall

With the start of fall comes multicolored leaves, colder temperatures, and (unfortunately) the potential for new breakouts. But here at cocokind, we're here to help with tips on how to switch up your skincare routine for the new season!

When the temperature drops, humidity levels in the air do too. So colder weather brings drying conditions, which strip our skin of its natural moisture. While an increase in our thermostat may seem like an easy solution, this only amplifies the issue. Since the thermostat draws more humidity from the air, the cycle of dehydrated skin and clogged pores only continues. This can lead to the formation of excess oil, which means new breakouts and unhappy skin.

While these changes are normal, it doesn’t mean they’re welcome! But as always, now is not the time for easy fixes and zit zappers. More than likely, your skin is flaring up because it needs more moisture, natural cell turnover, and gentle care!

Here are five ways to switch up your skincare routine this fall!

1. Ditch facial soaps and use a gentle oil cleanser

When your skin is dry, it’s far more sensitive, so it becomes time to think about the simple products we use everyday. For instance, soaps and cleansers are far more harsh on our skin when it is dry. It may be time to retire your foaming or acne-fighting cleansers for a a more gentle and hydrating product.

For that, we suggest an oil-based facial cleanser. Our Facial Cleansing Oil can be used to take off makeup by applying it with a cotton pad, or it can be massaged directly onto dry skin and then removed with a soft wash cloth! New to oil cleansing? Check out why we'll never go back here!


 2. Exfoliate more often! 

If you’re a dry skin gal, nothing’s more familiar than flaky skin in the colder months. Dry skin from colder weather often leads to an excess of dead skin cells that can congest your pores. The easiest solution? A gentle exfoliator! While something too harsh can cause micro tears and irritation that will only perpetuate the issue, our Sea Moss Exfoliator is perfect for sensitive skin. Less product and pressure creates a gentler exfoliation, so you can use it up to 4x a week during the colder seasons! Our Sea Moss Exfoliator is also full of vitamins and minerals that actually help HYDRATE your skin while exfoliating!


 3. Hydrate inside and out

In colder temperatures, skin loses a lot of its moisture via the surface layer (the epidermis). To prevent this loss of hydration, seal in all moisture and create a barrier between your skin and the elements with an oil-based moisturizer. We recommend September’s product of the month, the Chia Facial Oil. Packed with omegas and vitamins, this super-charged oil maintains the skin’s moisture seal, as well as provides a multitude of benefits for the skin. For more about the Chia Facial Oil and how it compares to our Golden Elixir, see our post here.

But hydration doesn’t just have to be topical! It’s important to remember to hydrate your body from the inside out. To do so, we recommend you increase your normal amount of water intake by 1-2 glasses per day! Make sure to drink water steadily throughout the day, vs. loading it all in the morning or night.


 4. Install a humidifier

Sometimes, despite our endless efforts to hydrate our parched skin we need a little extra boost! This is when a humidifier can really do the trick. Not only can a humidifier really help to improve moisture levels in your daily environment, but it can also have a major impact on your nightly beauty rest. Since the skin renews and heals at night, it’s crucial to set it up for success! With the addition of extra moisture in the air, your skin is less likely to lose moisture to the air around you.


 5. Apply sunscreen daily

Even if the sun isn’t blazing, sunscreen is still a crucial part of any skincare routine. Why? Sun damage is one of the top factors of skin damage like age spots, discoloration, fine lines, and “thinning” of the skin. While you may think sunscreen is only for the warmer weather, the sun’s harsh rays are still out and about! In fact, the sun is just as strong (if not stronger) in the fall and winter…even if it’s hiding behind the clouds. To protect your skin, remember to apply a natural sunscreen daily (we recommend Goddess Garden or Coola!).


 6. Spot treat dry spots or the under eye area throughout the day

Moisturizing shouldn't be limited to the AM and PM. Especially as the weather gets drier, it'll be important to keep your skin from thinning by moisturizing more. We recommend using our MYMATCHA more than two times a day (under eyes, dry spots, and / or lips), or using our Travel Golden Elixir. This shouldn't be limited to the face, either! You can use either of these on-the-go moisturizers on your hands and cuticles, too!

*Quick tip* If you're planning on using the MYMATCHA during the day under the eyes, you can simply dab it over your makeup, and blend in with your fingers. If you get some makeup residue on your stick, wipe it off with clean fingers. Adding increased moisture to your under eye area will not only ward off fine lines and wrinkles, but it'll also help decrease the appearance of dark circles over time. That's a major win - no matter what season it is!


We hope this post provided some helpful tips on how to prepare (and protect!) your skin for the colder months. As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out at info@cocokind!