Happy Earth Day! Here are Five Ways to Reuse Your Cocokind Containers

Just one year ago today, we launched our Cycle Back Bottle Return Program – an easy, sustainable way for you to help us give back, by giving us your bottles back! This year, we’re giving you some ideas on how to use your cocokind containers, once you’ve used up all the product! Keep reading to find out simple ways to reuse your empty cocokind jars!


1) Did someone say mini garden? 

We’ve shared this trick a few times in the past, but it’s always a good one to bring around again! We love using our Skin Butter and Matcha Body Moisturizer jars to plant new green friends. These containers make the perfect pots for little succulents. They’re well-sized, and are fun because you can see through the container to the soil and roots! Also, since succulents require very light and infrequent watering, these containers (which don’t contain a drainage system) are suitable for them, as opposed to other plants which need more water, and more drainage!

Simply pick out a low-water succulent or cactus of your choosing – you can go floral, spikey, or wonky! Carefully repot it into a cleaned-out Skin Butter or Matcha Body Moisturizer jar, and place in a sun-heavy area of your home. Lightly water once a week and give your new roommate some lovin’!

Our toner bottles also make adorable mini vases for tiny flowers and herbs! They’re so delicate that you could also hang them around your home or backyard for an extra touch of spring.

PS: Opt for plants from your local farmer’s market or florist! We’re all about supporting local businesses. Doing so will help to sustainably support your community and tell your neighbors that you appreciate them! We love to go to our neighbors at the SOMA San Francisco Flower Market – and they need your help! Sign this petition to help us keep our favorite lunch break destination.


2) Make and store your own makeup remover pads! 

So we know by now how AMAZING the Eye Firming Oil works as a makeup remover… but what if it was even easier than pumping onto a cotton pad and wiping? We’ve hacked our own product to make ready-to-go, one and done makeup remover pads! All you need is our Organic Eye Firming Oil, organic cotton pads, and a jar. We used our Matcha Face Moisturizer jar!

Step 1: generously pump our Eye Firming Oil onto each cotton pad

Step 2: dip the cotton pad in water

Step 3: store in jar

Close the jar with its proper lid to keep the cotton pads as hydrated as possible! Since you’re mixing these pads with water, it’s best to keep them in the refridgerator and use them within five days (so just create five at a time). When you’re ready to remove your makeup at the end of the day, simply grab a pad and wipe! The coolness from the fridge will also help depuff your eye area! We actually did a blog post on this a few years ago, but this hack still holds true today! Check it out here.


3) The cutest herb storage… ever. 

We love our bathroom shelfies – but right now, we’re all about keeping our #fridgegoals! Your diet really affects your skin, and part of eating healthy is organizing that delicious food you’ve got. And did you know… there’s actually a certain way that you’re supposed to store your fresh herbs? We just learned this too – and we have to share!

Turns out, you’re supposed to give the same TLC to your fresh herbs as you would a bouquet of flowers. Instead of a vase, however, use our Raspberry Vinegar Toner or Rosewater Toner bottles! They make the perfect mini vase for your herbs, and the narrow top will keep them standing upright. Fill up your bottle with fool water, cut the ends of the stems, and place the herbs into your bottle. Change the water every couple of days for ultimate freshness, and keep your herbs in the fridge. (PS: basil is the exception here! These leaves should always be kept at room temp)

While we used our Travel Size Rosewater Toner bottle, the possibilities here are endless! Try storing your herbs in the Cleansing Oil bottle, Chia Facial Oil bottle, or even our Primer Drops bottles!


4) Pack an eco-friendly snack! 

Plastic Tupperware is SO 2017. And, SO not great for you, or the environment. This spring, we’re opting for glass containers and other materials that are more environmentally friendly. For example – have you heard of beeswax paper? It’s great for wrapping up half an avocado, a handful of almonds, a loaf of bread, or the top of a container! Pretty much, anything that you use Saran Wrap or plastic bag for, you can swap out for this sustainable choice.

But, if you don’t have beeswax paper on hand, you can grab one of your old cocokind containers! The face AND body jars make a great container for nuts, fruit, crackers, or any other lil’ snack you may want to have on hand! We also love to use these jars for sauces, dressings, and hummus!


5) Easy tea light jar

Aromatherapy is one of the easiest tasks to check off of your self-care to-do list. Light a candle, and you’re set! However, the cleanup post-melted wax or ashy incense is no fun. That’s why we grab an empty cocokind jar before lighting up those scents to catch any melted wax.

We love placing a delicate tea candle into the Skin Butter or Matcha Body jar – it’s just the perfect size!


You know the drill – start using up those cocokind products! Because your skin loves them, and you get to use the jars after :). If these tricks aren’t for you, however, send your bottles back and receive a discount by taking part in our Cycle Back Program!