A Look Into Our DIY Fall Beauty Event at VSCO

On September 8th, we had the incredible opportunity to hold a DIY beauty event at the VSCO headquarters in Oakland, California. Members of the VSCO team and community gathered after-hours to connect, snack on healthy goods (hello emmys organics, teaonic, and hope foods!), and make their own personalized facial oils. The cocokind team was there to answer any questions about ingredients, skincare, and our brand. What was so fun about this event was that all of our guests got a peek into what it’s like for us to make our own products in SF. Not to mention, VSCO’s office is…STUNNING. It is filled with minimalist furniture, beautiful plants, and the most futuristic “photo booth.” We all enjoyed snapping pictures and talking to the VSCO team about the incredible work they do curating artists’ photos.

Our facial oil “menu” included ingredient choices like organic coconut oil (of course!), organic avocado oil, organic rosehip oil, and various types of flowers and lavender to infuse. See our menu below for all the ingredients we offered and what specific benefits they have for skincare!

With seven oils and five dried herbs, we created a custom menu that was sure to satisfy everyone’s individualistic needs!

Joy from our team mixing and matching oils based on everyone’s needs!

Anna from the cocokind team was explaining the benefits of each oil.

Priscilla (our founder) talked about the uniqueness of all of our skin and why it’s important to understand your skin’s unique characteristics.

Showing off their finished products!

Voila! This customized oil included chia oil, coconut oil, lavender, and grapeseed oil.

VSCO is an app that acts as a photo editing tool and a creative, safe space for users to share their memories and art. Without the pressure of photo likes, comments, or shares, VSCO is unique in that it encourages its users to freely express themselves and their creativity. We love any brand that promotes this type of freedom and beauty, so it was such a great opportunity to work with the VSCO team!