Four Reasons You Should Be Taking Cold Showers

If you’re anything like us, you saw the title of this blog post and shivered at those traumatic memories of icy showers circa 5th grade summer camp. But trust us, there’s a few reasons why you may want to ride out that cold wave yet again. From healthier looking hair to an all-around mood-booster, cold showers are starting to get a good rep. Today, we’re covering the benefits of taking a cold shower, and why you may want to reconsider all that hot steam.


Benefits of taking a cold shower: 

1. Cold water can help improve your circulation

Does the thought of a cold shower get your heart pumping? Then you’re off to a good start! Turns out that cold water, as uncomfortable as it may be, can actually encourage your blood to surround your organs and arteries while pumping more efficiently. This has many health benefits, such as boosting your immune system and lowering blood pressure!

You know how you ice an injured muscle to help reduce inflammation? This icing method works by bringing the body’s temperature down, which causes freshly oxygenated blood to flow to that area. This strong, oxygen-rich blood flow is what helps heal inflammation in the body. When rinsing your whole body in cold water, you’re encouraging blood flow AND helping to reduce inflammation! It’s a win-win for your body and skin.


2. A cold shower can help reduce puffiness and retain your skin’s moisture

Have you ever felt super dry after spending too much time in a warm shower? After a while, water can actually begin to strip the skin of its essential oils, causing dryness (and, as we know, dryness can lead to imbalanced skin, and even an overproduction of oil!). Cold water can actually constrict blood flow, therefore tightening the skin, protecting it’s moisture levels, and decreasing puffiness or redness. Plus, you’ll naturally be in the shower for a shorter amount of time, therefore preventing your shower from stripping away too much.


3. Cold water = shinier hair

Washing your hair with cool water – or at least rinsing it out with cold water after using warm water – can help give your hair a natural shine. Cold water flattens the hair follicles, increasing their ability to grip the scalp. This makes your hair lie flatter and become more manageable to tame! The best news? A smoother hair follicle makes your hair reflect the light better, giving you that natural shine and a healthier, stronger appearance!

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4. Taking a cold shower can boost your mood!

I know – it sounds like it would do the complete opposite. But, turns out, the skin has an IMMENSE amount of cold receptors that send electrical impulses to nerve endings in the brain. When this happens, it produces an anti-depressive and mood-boosting effect! Not a bad way to start off the morning.


Is the idea of a cold shower still just too…chilling? We get it. Try doing the cold shower method after a sweaty workout – it’ll make the transition to cold a lot easier. Alternatively, try cooling off at the end of your shower! For the last 2 or 3 minutes of your shower, change the water to a cooler temperature. You will still get all of the benefits of taking a longer, cold shower, even if you just lower the temperature at the end!

Tomorrow AM, we’re going for a chiller vibe…. moisturized skin, shiny hair, here we come!