beauty beverage FAQ

We just released project sip, our collection of vegan beauty beverage mixes designed to support body and skin health from the inside out. We’ve compiled the answers to your most frequently asked questions about these products below - let us know if you have any others!

does the morning mocha contain caffeine?

Though our morning mocha latte does not contain coffee or added caffeine, the cocoa in our formula naturally contains 0.2% caffeine. This amounts to about 5.6 mg per serving - for reference, a single 8 oz cup of coffee has about 95 mg of caffeine. 

are the beauty beverages organic?

While these mixes are not 100% organic, the majority of ingredients in each mix are organic! 

are they non-GMO?


are they free from food dyes?


do they have added sugar?

Nope! Our morning mocha latte and detox chlorophyll tonic contain 0 total sugars and 0 added sugars, while our sleep c tonic contains 1g total sugars and 0 added sugars. 

are these mixes available in stores?

Just online for now!

how much liquid can the mugs hold?

11.75 oz max!

how often can I drink these? 

We recommend one serving of each beverage per day! 

are they safe to drink if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding?

Like all of our products, our beauty beverages are completely nontoxic; however, the morning mocha and sleep-c tonic do contain adaptogens (ashwagandha). As such, we recommend holding off on these while pregnant and always showing the ingredient lists to your doctor to confirm that they’re safe for you specifically.

can men and women drink these?

Yes! Our beauty beverages were formulated to support body and skin health for anyone and everyone.

how often do I need to drink these to see benefits? how soon will I feel the effects of each one? 

Results may vary from person to person, but our beauty bevs are designed to provide long-lasting, steady, functional support instead of immediate spikes.

For example, our morning mocha latte contains adaptogens and prebiotics that start functioning after they are digested. Likewise, our sleep C tonic contains l-theanine to help you make the most of beauty sleep without sedating you.

Prebiotics (e.g., chicory root in morning mocha) and probiotics (e.g., enzyme blend in detox chlorophyll) will demonstrate benefits to gut health over time and with repeated use.

can I drink the sleep c tonic in the morning or daytime?

Although this tonic is designed to help you make the most out of beauty sleep, it is safe to drink in the morning or daytime because it does not contain sedatives.

what are “natural flavors”? are they safe? 

Yes, they are safe! Instead of synthetic flavorings, we opted to use natural, plant-derived flavors in our beauty beverage mixes.

what is the nutritional value and calorie content for each beauty beverage mix? 

Please see below! 


are these mixes allergen-free?

All of our beauty beverage mixes are vegan, glyphosate-free, nut-free, and certified gluten-free by the GCFO. However, they are manufactured in a facility that also processes milk, eggs, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, and soybeans.

at what temperature should I drink these? hot, warm, or cold?

Whatever you like best! Our mixes do dissolve best in hot water, but you can also mix the powder in 1-2 oz hot water and then add cold water and ice.

where are these made?

Our beauty beverage mixes are made in the USA at an SQF (Safe Quality Foods) certified facility dedicated to the manufacturing of nutritional products.

are the beauty beverages clinically tested?

While our beauty bevs have not been clinically tested, the sleep c tonic is regularly tested for its vitamin C content. This ensures that it contains a minimum of 15% vitamin C to deliver consistent antioxidant benefits.

is there any peer-reviewed scientific literature or published data to support the efficacy of the beauty beverage ingredients?

Yes! Our hero ingredients have abundant scientific data to support their effectiveness.

we hope you found this helpful! still have questions? drop them in the comments below or shoot us a DM on Instagram!