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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take skin to get used to cocokind products or natural products in general?
It can take up to 6-8 weeks for the skin to become adjusted to new products – especially oil-based products, if you have never used them before! For more information on how to smoothly introduce our products and oil-based products in general to your skin, read our blog post that has tons of tips for beginners!
Do you offer any samples of your products?
Unfortunately, we do not offer samples at this time. If you go to our Store Locator you can find stores near you that carry our products, and every store should have testers!

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Does cocokind use any animal testing?
Cocokind products are NEVER tested on animals. We also ensure our vendors and suppliers are compliant with our cruelty-free philosophy. Our natural and organic products are always tested by the team to ensure product safety and efficacy.
I received my cocokind products, and my serum and cleanser were slightly solid. Is this normal?
It seems your cocokind products may have become slightly solid during transit. Fret not! This is completely normal. We use organic virgin coconut oil in a few of our products, which can be impacted by the surrounding temperature! When it is under its melting point of 76 degrees, the oil can become a solid. Here are few ways you can quickly get you product back to liquid form:

  1. Place the bottle in a bowl of warm water for 3 minutes
  2. Run the bottle under warm water for 20 seconds
  3. Or place the products by a heater for a few short minutes

Once the product is back into liquid state (which should happen quickly), shake it up! This will get our products back to being 100% liquid and ready to use. After this initial step, the serum and cleanser will stay liquid as long as they are kept in room temperature…and you can get started reaping the benefits from our nutritious skincare!

Are cocokind products safe to use while pregnant?
Our products are safe to use during pregnancy, but we always recommend checking with your physician for specific concerns! We only use clean and gentle formulations. When we use essential oils, they comprise less than 1% of the overall formula. We also have a baby line (great for both babies and mamas!) which does not include essential oils at all.
Does cocokind add any fragrances?
Other than organic essential oils, we do not add any artificial fragrances. Our essential oils not only smell good, but they also serve their own purposes for our skin and minds!
My Organic Matcha Face Moisturizer is green with brown sections – is this the way it is supposed to look or has it gone bad?
This is totally normal, and the product is still absolutely safe to use! When the moisturizer melts and re-solidifies, there can be leftover residue from the matcha tea (the brown stuff you see). It’s still just as effective, as we’ve already infused the matcha into the oil!
If the cocokind product name says organic, is it USDA certified organic?
Yes! All of our products that contain the word “organic” in its name, in addition to our cocokind collective sticks, are USDA certified organic by CCOF. Please contact us at info@cocokind.com if you need a copy of our certificate.
Does cocokind source from Fair Trade approved suppliers?
Yes! Our company is a licensed Fair Trade partner of Fair Trade USA (Ask us for our Fair Trade License ID!). All cocokind products containing organic virgin coconut oil are registered products bearing the “Fair Trade Certified Ingredient” logo. What does this mean? Straight from the Fair Trade USA nonprofit, Fair Trade certified products come from farmers and workers who are justly compensated. We help farmers in developing countries build sustainable businesses that positively influence their communities. Purchasing Fair Trade certified products means you are helping to support ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible businesses. For more information about what it means to be Fair Trade, please see http://fairtradeusa.org/what-is-fair-trade/impact!
Are cocokind products vegan?
All of our products that do not contain organic beeswax are certified Vegan by Vegan Action through the Vegan Awareness Foundation. For more information please check out www.vegan.org.
Where are cocokind products made?
Our products are proudly made in San Francisco, California.
Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, we are unable to ship outside of the United States and Canada at this time. However, a limited selection of our products are available on iherb.com, Free People, Target, and Lucky Vitamin.
Can I add something to my order after placing it?
We can definitely add a product to your order if it has not yet been shipped! However, we do not keep any credit card information on file. You can call us at (415)-874-9878 and we will help you further by updating the order over the phone with you.
I got a notification that my order was delivered, but it wasn’t. What should I do?
We’re sorry for the confusion! We’ve had instances where the tracking information updates too quickly, and a delivery notification is sent 24-48 hours prior to the package actually arriving. Keep an eye out for the next day or so, and let us know if it doesn’t arrive within 48 hours after the delivery notification is sent so that we can assist you further!
What is cocokind's return policy?
Aww, darn! We’re sad to hear that our products may not have worked out for you. Everyone’s skin is unique, after all. We do offer a full refund for online orders purchased within 30 days. Please note we do not provide return shipping labels. You can send your returns to:

Cocokind returns
498 5th St
San Francisco CA 94107

Please include a note with your name and order number. Once your return is received, we will process your refund!

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