mymatcha all-over moisture stick


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  • description

    our mymatcha is a staple for every skincare routine – whether at home or on-the-go! it can be applied under the eyes to ward off dark circles or puffiness, or used as a dry spot corrector and daily lip balm! the catechins within the matcha powder are a power antioxidant that help nourish and protect skin. use it anywhere, take it everywhere -- this is your skincare bff.  

      0.5 oz


    • solution for

      • reducing dark circles and puffiness
      • treating dry spots on-the-go
      • moisturizing lips all day long
    • how to use

      use liberally on dry spots, under the eyes, or on the lips!

    • ingredients

      cocos (coconut) nucifera oil*, beeswax*, camellia sinesis leaf powder*1.
      *certified organic
      1matcha tea powder

      Certified organic   non gmo 

    • how to recycle

      peel off the labels, wipe out the interior, put the cap back on, and toss in your recycling bin.

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    mymatcha for under eyes:

    the mymatcha all-over moisture stick helps rejuvenate dry spots, protect skin from free radical damage, and moisturize skin all day long.

    apply liberally under eyes after cleansing to hydrate, protect, and minimize dark circles.

    with just three organic ingredients, the mymatcha is perfect for on-the-go applications. 

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    mymatcha all-over moisture stick