Top 50 Organic and Clean Beauty Blogs in 2021

Top 50 Organic and Clean Beauty Blogs in 2021

Looking to green your beauty routine? Who says you have to find a more sustainable beauty routine on your own. While big brands might leave you guessing, there are plenty of women out there who agree that beauty should make you feel good and look good all at the same time.

Here’s a closer look at our top 50 favorite organic and clean beauty blogs for a cleaner, greener, more beautiful approach to green living.



Kansas City girls unite! Kimberlyloc, founded by Kansas City beauty blogger Kimberly Wallace in 2010, is more than just a collection of beauty reviews. It’s a site written by someone who knows clean beauty (Kimberly has used green beauty products from head to toe since 2007) but also a woman who knows what it means to live a busy life.

She’s been featured everywhere from BBC Newsbeat to Glamour to StyleCaster as a clean beauty authority. For jasmine lovers, Kimberly collaborated with Rachel’s Plan Bee in 2017 to create a limited edition jasmine body oil.

This Organic Girl

Lisa Fennessy, the voice behind This Organic Girl, is an Atlanta mom with a passion for making nontoxic and healthy consumer products the norm. She speaks from experience. Her son, Quinn, was born with eczema and given a steroid cream that discolored his skin, treating the symptom but not the root cause. At the same time, Lisa was suffering from IBS, but it took a lot of hunting to figure out she actually had Celiac disease.

Today, Lisa advocates getting the information you need for clean health. Her blog is designed to be that resource, with a collection of tested and approved organic products and lots of posts on clean beauty, clean eating, and clean living.

The Brunette EcoDiva

The Brunette EcoDiva feels a bit like reading your BFF’s blog, if your BFF was also a clean beauty queen. Sabrina Zimmerman, the voice behind the blog, writes product reviews like you’re chatting with a good friend, giving the whole blog a refreshing realness.

TBE recently underwent a change in direction to focus primarily on Sabrina’s music (she’s an operatic soprano) while still sharing some of her favorite green beauty products for teaching, recitals, and living a healthy life. But there are still tons of product reviews on the site with an approachable voice and down-to-earth mentality.

LisaLise Blog

For a phenomenal beauty blog, LisaLise more than delivers--it recently jumped to 39 out of the top 100 organic beauty blogs on the entire Internet. Lise Andersen (or LisaLise, as her devoted followers know her) is a bonafide child of the hippie era who built her website on her love of knowledge. She approaches green beauty as a student and, in turn, passes it to you as a teacher so that you can make informed beauty decisions. And she has loads of resources to do just that!

Eco Beauty Editor

Eco Beauty Editor is a site created by a woman who used to be a beauty industry insider telling readers how to achieve supermodel perfection. But for Shannon Dunn, it translated into 12 months of illness, and she got tired of synthetic beauty products, processed food, and stress.

She started Eco Beauty Editor to share the message that beauty isn’t about look s--it’s about feeling healthy and at one with yourself. She offers a brand directory, shop, reviews, and extensive blog to do just that.

Mademoiselle Nature

Unlike many blogs that only share product reviews, Mademoiselle Nature offers an equal balance of reviews, ingredients, personal beauty anecdotes, spotlights, and tips. She’s not afraid to post a negative review either, so you know her reviews are honest.

Plus, when it comes to ingredients, Mademoiselle Nature (the blogger does not sign her name) knows her stuff. She holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and spent a few years working in cancer research. These days, she turns her chemistry brilliance to the benefit of beauty lovers like you.

Nature Louise

Nature Louise features a gorgeous palette of blush pink, white, and elegant photography made to beautify your Instagram feed, but the woman behind the blog, Eloise, is all about keeping it real. She started the blog when pregnant with her firstborn, after discovering a new world of green living as she became more conscious of what she put on her skin.

And while the blog (and her kids) have grown since the early days, Eloise still keeps her blog simple, her reviews real, and her products au naturel.

The Fabulous Times

The Fabulous Times is designed for the creative and the curious, those tired of mad-cap consumerism and yearning for down-to-earth guidance to live more in tune with nature. Inclusive with a capital I, Christine offers something for everyone, from gardening to career and money advice to travel (and, of course, a whole lot of clean, green beauty).

Reach for The Fabulous Times when you want to be inspired to lead an all-around organic, clean lifestyle--you’ll find tons of ideas to do just that.


Beauty Calypse, written by blogger Nath Fedorova, knows you shouldn’t sacrifice style for green living. But she also knows there’s a more ethical way to do business. She only recommends products that are fair-trade, chemical-free, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

This blog is also refreshing for taking a different tone. Many beauty blogs err on the sweet side, but this one is sassy and edgy without being snarky. And with new posts three times a week, you’ll never run out of fresh content.

Paws Off Beauty

As the name implies, Paws Off Beauty is a beauty blog with one goal: to get paws (and animals of any kind) out of beauty. The blogger, Jessica, was tired of seeing animals suffer in the name of beauty, and her blog is designed to make it easy to shop in line with your ethics.

Organically Becca

Want an organic beauty blog with a dose of Midwest charm? Look no further than Organically Becca, the lovechild of blogger, wife, and dog mamma Becca. It’s been widely featured as a mover and shaker in the green beauty blog scene, and with a ton of new blog content, free resources, coupons, and even a podcast, it’s easy to see why. There’s something for people at every stage of their green living journey, always offered without judgment.

The Vegan Company

The simply-named Vegan Company is exactly what it says on the tin--a super inspiring site covering all things vegan, whether it’s beauty, wellness, fashion, or just living your best vegan life.

The blog uses the royal “we” because the minds behind it don’t want the blog to be all about them. It’s all about creating an open-minded, all-inclusive collective, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian, whether you’ve been vegan for 10 years or just became vegan 10 minutes ago.

Curiously Conscious

Curiously Conscious reads like a journal, and its author, Besma, intended it that way. It’s as much a document of her journey to look for the better things in life (as in: better for the earth) as it is a beautifully crafted testament to the meeting place of ethical beauty and high style. Besma’s beauty reviews and lifestyle posts feel like your most stylish friend, but also the friend you want for your next great adventure.

Vegan Beauty Review

Looking for the original vegan beauty blogger? Vegan Beauty Review is it. It was the first vegan beauty blog to hit the Internet in 2007 and has since become a power player in the online vegan beauty scene. VBR has been featured in Allure, The LA Times, Cosmopolitan UK, and Women’s World, to name just a few. The blogger behind the site, Sunny, curates an extensive library of posts, has co-curated multiple vegan beauty boxes, and offers a ton of coupons and promo codes for standout vegan beauty products.

Living Pretty, Naturally

Like your clean beauty with some yoga and wellness? Living Pretty Naturally is the site for you. It’s the beloved pet project of Kate Murphy, a Canadian blogger who lives in Norway and spends her days running a chess company (yes, the game) as well as teaching yoga. Point is, she knows how to run a business, but living well is her passion, and the blog’s exploration of clean, green beauty has yoga principles (and plenty of yoga posts) woven throughout for a complete wellness experience.

Tips for Natural Beauty

Blogger Dima Al Mahsiri believes you have a right to know what you put on your face and hair. She also believes you should not have to choose between a beautiful you and a healthy you--you deserve both. Tips for Natural Beauty is designed to help you find the happy medium between beautiful and healthy, with posts on everything from acne to hair care to homemade remedies. It feels like dipping your toes in a beauty encyclopedia--the fun kind that offers healthy, actionable tips.

The Green Product Junkie

Tired of paying an arm and a leg for green products? So was Katie, the blogger behind The Green Product Junkie. So she created this site to help green beauty queens on a budget find products they love. The site regularly features news of sales and promos, but one of our favorite features is that Katie regularly recreates some of her favorite beauty looks using only vegan, all-natural products. Think you can’t use vegan products and look like a movie star? Think again.

Almost Exactly Blog

Are you an herb junkie who wants to bring together herbalism and organic beauty? If so, AlexRaye is your spirit animal. A certified herbalist and aromatherapist, her mission is to show green beauty lovers that they can be empowered, educated consumers. Plus, she offers tons of resources on herbalism, and if you’re tired of magazine-worthy, Insta-perfect beauty blogs that seem like the Twilight Zone in relation to your life, reading her blog feels like sitting down to coffee with a friend.

Lou Dartford Green Beauty

Craving the input of makeup experts at Sephora or Ulta but tired of the synthetic makeup they use? Meet Lou Dartford, a makeup artist with a 15-year career and a resume that includes British Vogue, Nylon, Stylist, and Grazia. These days, Lou still teaches ordinary women how to do fabulous makeup, but she’s on a mission to help you green your kit as she greens her own. You’re getting makeup advice from a true expert, so you know how these products stack up to mainstream options.

Beauty By Britanie

Britanie Faith of Beauty By Britanie knows from experience that clean beauty is about health. She struggled with multiple chronic conditions from a young age, and in an effort to manage inflammation to treat those conditions, she became passionate about clean living to cut out as many unnecessary toxins as possible. What we love is that Beauty By Britanie brings those experiences together to talk about beauty and makeup advice from a perspective of loving yourself from the inside out, a message everyone deserves to hear.

The Makeup Dummy

Are you the type who prefers to DIY your makeup and skincare? The Makeup Dummy is the blog for you. Blogger Ina writes The Makeup Dummy as a handy collection of how-tos, essentially designed to answer any natural makeup or skincare question you can come up with (along with tons of DIY tutorials, tested and approved by Ina herself).

Naturalla Beauty

Naturalla Beauty is founded on one core tenet: that all-natural, cruelty-free beauty should be accessible to anyone, whether you have a movie star budget or you’re a broke college student. Most people think that a natural beauty routine has to cost more, but Caitie is here to prove that a clean skincare routine doesn’t have to add hundreds to your budget. If you’re a girl who loves a great deal, you’ll love Caitie and Naturalla Beauty.


Whoorl, the blog of writer, mother, and beauty lover Sarah, is all about well-roundedness. Sarah believes in following where the wind may take you and finding clean beauty that works for you, and she founded Whoorl in 2005 to share her favorite things. All these years later, she’s still sharing her favorite things and taking a holistic approach. We love that Whoorl offers a review of the stuff Sarah uses in real life and loves, not just standard beauty reviews.

Indigo + Canary

Indigo + Canary is a simple, no-frills blog. If you’re looking for a blog that looks like a magazine, this isn’t it. Instead, Aleigh focuses on her foremost talent (writing) and on providing the content you came for: product reviews for all-natural hair, beauty, and skincare products. We also love that the blog has separate sections devoted to men and babies, who don’t get much attention in the clean beauty sphere.

The Beauty Proof

The Beauty Proof offers some of the most thorough reviews of the blogs on this list. Jacqueline, the woman behind the blog, does not do any sponsored content, and her product standards are more rigorous than most. She also breaks down ingredients in a color code, with a careful assessment of every ingredient based on reputable resources to assess safety. If there isn’t sufficient data on an ingredient, she’ll tell you. She assesses on two standards: safety and effectiveness.

Hello Glow

Looking for a clean beauty blog that feels like a recipe book? Hello Glow is the place to be. But don’t think this is purely hippy-dippy--Hello Glow is one of the few blogs on this list that prioritizes information based on the latest scientific research. To do that, blogger Stephanie crafted a thorough editorial process that includes a medical review of all skincare, wellness, and nutrition posts on the blog by medical professionals in dermatology, gynecology, psychiatry and internal medicine with licenses from the likes of Harvard and Cornell.

The Hippy Homemaker

For hippies born in the wrong generation, The Hippy Homemaker is your happy place. Created by Christina Anthis, a single mom, herbalist, aromatherapist, and lifelong tree hugger, The Hippy Homemaker strikes a balance between family wellness tips, green living, and DIY clean beauty.

The Glow Getter

The Glow Getter is a blog built on the go-getter credentials of Ailish Lucas, a makeup artist trained at the London School of Fashion, a multi-award-winning beauty blogger, and the woman voted among the top 25 people moving natural beauty forward in the UK. This blog looks and feels professional with professional results, a ton of resources, and, of course, lots of fantastic blog content. Ailish covers everything from product reviews to making your own products to interviews with beauty experts, covering green beauty from head to toe.

The Curvaceous Vegan

For a vegan beauty blog that feels wonderfully homey and real, look no further than The Curvaceous Vegan. The blog began as Amie’s little corner of the Internet and since then has evolved into a haven for fellow vegans to find several ways to live happier, from down-to-earth product reviews to honest lifestyle posts to Amie’s favorite things. The Curvaceous Vegan is a breath of fresh air because it emphasizes grounded living and self care just as much as it emphasizes beauty, making the two meld together into one fantastic vegan beauty blog.

NatuRia Beauty

Some blogs are made for Instagram fame, and NatuRia Beauty is one of them. Started back in 2013, the blog charts Ria’s journey to cleaner products and her honest recommendations about what does and doesn’t work. We like that she gives you plenty of introductory content to understand your organic, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free terminology, and while she has a shop, she also offers guides on where to shop for the clean beauty products you love. Plus, her gift guides and yearly favorites roundup are a great shopping list for clean beauty junkies.

Hello Annabel

Hello Annabel, written by (you guessed it) Annabel, is a minimalist but refreshing blog dedicated to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. She does the usual run of product reviews, but we love that she also addresses other elements of eco-friendly living, like transitioning to cloth diapers. She also offers a lot of ultimate guides (think “The Ultimate Guide to Vegan and Natural Deodorant”) as well as a glimpse of what real-life vegan beauty looks like by walking you through her own morning routine.

Beauty Garden Journal

The Beauty Garden Journal is one of the blogs on this list that doesn’t fuss with high-end graphics or blog design that screams “marketing professional”. Instead, it uses a simple, pared-down format to deliver exactly what the people came for: natural beauty blog posts and reviews delivered by Audrey, a licensed esthetician and natural skincare expert. It’s one of the blogs on this list that feels the most like it was crafted by an ordinary person, with simple photography, simple design, and honest takes on clean beauty.

Hello Doll Face

A lot of blogs address clean beauty products, but do you ever wonder about your hair and makeup tools? Hello Doll Face is a blog that’s here to educate you about every element of your beauty routine as much as they shed light on clean beauty products. This blog isn’t written by a single blogger. Instead, it’s a curated collection of writing by regular authors and content contributors brought together by the Hello Doll Face team. That also means this blog can offer a ton of unique and interesting perspectives in one great location.

Little Green Dot

A lot of blogs approach clean beauty like a personal journal that later grows into a full-fledged blog. Militza, the blogger behind Little Green Dot, is an educator here to teach you how to take care of your skin as a complex living thing. She offers tons of recipes and articles, but she also teaches workshops and creates all sorts of clean skincare resources. To her, clean beauty is about having a healthy relationship with your skin, and her job is to teach you how to have a healthier, happier relationship with your skin every single day.

Mindful Momma

Sometimes, clean beauty can feel like chemistry--or alchemy. You have to mix this and that, religiously check ingredients, and become your own natural health library. Mindful Momma thinks creating a non-toxic lifestyle shouldn’t be toxic or stressful in its own right, and Micaela, the writer behind the site, offers simple solutions to bring joy back into your natural skincare journey. A fantastic site for those with busy lives who need real answers and a practical approach.


Tired of sweet, pastel-toned beauty blogs? Looking for natural, cruelty-free beauty with a vampy edge? Phyrra is a beauty blog for creatures of the night who want their gothic looks to use ingredients suitable for the living and not just the undead. This is the place for gothic fashion and dramatic dark beauty looks, but also real talk for real people (think the best eyeshadow palette ever purchased for $7). Blogger Courtney ascribes to feminine gothic fashion, bright makeup, colorful hair, and sparkly nail polish for days.


Need clean beauty blogging that’s more multicultural? Let us introduce you to Patrice Yursik, one of WWD’s Top 50 Most Influential People on the Multicultural Beauty Market and the godmother of brown beauty blogging. She’s been featured in Essence, Ebony, Glamour, Trinidad Guardian, WWD and Fast Company, and her award-winning blog celebrates natural hair and women in all shades and sizes of beautiful.

My Beauty Bunny

Want cruelty-free beauty with a strong dose of California cool? My Beauty Bunny is a popular Los Angeles-based blog created by the chief bunny, Jen Mathews. The site focuses primarily on cruelty-free beauty brands, products, spas and salons, travel destinations, foods, supplements, and lifestyle products--basically everything you need to live a life that’s kinder to animals. The site is not vegan, but it does have a vegan section. Plus, for those who want to find mainstream brands that don’t test on animals, My Beauty Bunny has worked with several brands you recognize, like Urban Decay and Too Faced.

Imperfectly Natural

Imperfectly Natural, created by Janey Lee Grace, is for those who want natural to feel more inviting to humans who have lived a life. The blog covers natural beauty as one part of living a healthier lifestyle, with real talk on things like staying sober, cannabinoids, and green, clean brands.

Gone Swatching xo

Like most, the blogger behind Gone Swatching XO shops for makeup in her favorite place: at home, in leggings, with a cup of tea and her beautiful cat. Still, there’s nothing that compares to swatching in person, so she created Gone Swatching XO as a resource for those who want the benefit of swatching while retaining the comfort of home. As the name promises, Gone Swatching XO focuses on providing swatching and in-depth reviews rather than highly stylized photoshoots. Plus, for Asian girls out there, this is a great blog to find someone with your beautiful skin tone.

Gurl Gone Green

Feeling overwhelmed by the effort of greening your skincare routine? Gurl Gone Green is a blog that aims to take the stress out of beauty in favor of reintroducing joy, helping you create the ultimate clean skincare routine for your unique skin. Suzi is an esthetician and hair stylist with 17 years of experience, including 10 years in the clean beauty industry. Turn to her for an expert guide in finding the cleanest, safest, most effective products for your unique beauty needs.

Jenni Raincloud

Jenni, the eponymous writer behind Jenni Raincloud, is an esthetician with a decade of professional experience. But she also knows from personal experience (two home births) that when you feed your mind, body, and soul properly, the body responds in miraculous ways. The blog centers around all things girly, but it also sticks with two key convictions: staying natural and respecting your body.

Attitude Organic

Who says being on-trend can’t also be eco-friendly? Attitude Organic is here to change that. It’s a blog curated for busy, fashionable women who want to adopt a sustainable lifestyle in the easiest way possible. AO’s founder, Marine, curates a sustainable community, and the results show--AO has been featured in the likes of Vogue.

Organic Looks

If you like your beauty the same way you like your groceries (organic) then Organic Looks is your go-to destination. The site expressly prioritizes organic cosmetics, offering guides and reviews in skincare, hair care, and body care. We love that the site offers guides to help you understand what you’re getting into (like the difference between a cleanser and a face wash). Plus, the blog is helpfully segmented to help you find relevant content (skincare, for instance, is broken into cleansers, creams and serums, facials, and eyes and lips sections).

Organic Beauty Lover

Need another organic-first blog in your life? Time to add Organic Beauty Lover.

The woman behind the show, Andrea, is a longtime DIY beauty lover, and when she made the switch to natural beauty, she initially started as 100% DIY, not realizing organic brands existed. She created OBL to introduce you to the amazing brands enticing her to make the switch from DIY. We also love that she created OBL CLUB, a product testing and review platform that lets members test and keep products in exchange for a review. It lets you try tons of products and read genuine beauty reviews from real people.

The Organic Beauty Blog

Are you a diehard Ayurveda fan? Don’t know Ayurveda from your elbow? Longtime Ayurvedic medicine practitioners will fall in love with the Ayurveda integrated into Natasha Uspensky’s beauty blog, and those unfamiliar with the practice will become eager converts. Natasha isn’t just here to sell you beauty--she’s a holistic medicine practitioner out to change lives, and beauty is one part of that journey.

The Organic Beauty Expert

Think of The Organic Beauty Expert as your go-to guide for the best in organic beauty reviews. The head blogger, Rachel, writes on skincare, makeup, hair, natural remedies, and weight loss primarily focused on “Best of” product roundups and recipes, like the best DIY mascara recipe or the best natural hair cleansers.

Zero Waste Nest

Zero Waste Nest knows that Americans produce a lot of waste. Like, 1,759 pounds of waste per year. Its mission is to reduce that waste in every aspect of your life, including beauty.

This is another blog that isn’t the brainchild of a single blogger, but rather a curated community with the input of several natural beauty experts with the same goal: sustainable beauty that creates less waste. This means the site is a phenomenal collection of diverse resources from blog posts to podcasts to books and documentaries.

Organic Mentor

Last but not least is Organic Mentor, another curated content community founded by a mom with a passion for cleaner living. Brooke is a registered nurse who dedicates her spare time to learning more about the toxins we interact with everyday and sharing that knowledge with you, as well as cultivating a variety of expert viewpoints from content contributors across the web.