What Does Your Drink Of Choice Do To Your Skin?

It’s no secret that alcohol isn’t the best for your skin – but that doesn’t mean we don’t all indulge every now and then! However, it turns out that some types of alcohol are worse for your skin than others. Keep reading to figure out how to pick your most skin-healthy poison! We’ve ranked them from least harmful to most skin-irritating.


The Best: Silver Tequila

This is great news. All you Taco Tuesdays lovers out there can rejoice. Clear tequila is potentially the least inflammatory alcohol for your skin, and has not been linked to many instances of reactive inflammation, bloating, or rosacea flare-ups! Not to mention – some studies show that clear tequila may help to lower blood sugar. But remember – adding sugary mixers to tequila can counteract those positive benefits! You’ll want to stick to lime.


The Better: Vodka

Another point for clear liquor! If you take your vodka straight, you’re not putting any added sugar or salt into your system, which is a win for your skin. Vodka also leaves your system quickly, so you can get to repairing the skin quicker! With vodka, it’s really what you mix with it that’s the bad stuff – sugary sodas, energy drinks, etc. For less irritated skin, try mixing your vodka with a natural fruit or vegetable juice instead, or downing it alone! My favorite drink of all time is vodka, water, and lemon. Pour in twice the amount of water as vodka, and squeeze in a ton of lemon juice!


The Good: Beer

The good thing about beer is that it has a lower alcohol content, meaning you tend to sip on it rather than down it, which can lead to less dehydration! Some studies even suggest that the topical use of beer can be anti-melanogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial – but again, that’s just if you get beer on your face (which is totally possible during a night out).


The Not So Good: Red Wine

Most of us wine-o’s already know that red wine is known for containing antioxidants! It also has the ability to help reduce blood sugar, and increase levels of the “good cholesterol.” That being said, it’s not your skin’s favorite – especially if you have rosacea. Studies show that red wine tends to affect those with rosacea more than any other type of alcohol. So, if your cheeks get rosy, stay away from the red.


The Bad: White Wine

We’ve all been the culprit of a sauvignon sugar hangover. White wine’s high sugar content can lead to inflammation and premature aging. High sugar intakes cause your insulin levels to spike, causing inflammation throughout the body and laying a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria to clog your pores.


The Worst: Mixed Drinks

We know by now that sugar is a no-go. Most mixed drinks contain high amounts of sugar, salt, and carbs, which lead to inflammation in the body and increased skin aging.


We hope that this quick guide can help you make some better alcohol choices for your skin! If you have any questions, as always, feel free to reach us at info@cocokind.com. And please, drink responsibly!