What is the Limited Edition MYMATCHA Stick? Six Ways To Use It!

You’ve all seen it all over Instagram and Facebook… the all new, limited edition, MYMATCHA. Too big to just be a lip balm, so what is it? Keep reading to learn about our favorite six uses for our new MYMATCHA on-the-go stick. We will only be selling this until 12/31/16 on our website, so hurry!

1) Lip Balm

A lip balm… of course! This is our favorite winter way to use the MYMATCHA. Not only is this product protecting and hydrating, it also smells like matcha! With the second ingredient as beeswax, the MYMATCHA inhibits the growth of bacteria, locks in moisture, and helps relieve inflammation and pain.

2) Dark Circle Reducer

Matcha is a great source of good and clean energy because of its unique combination of L-theanine and caffeine. Many traditional under-eye creams are just mixtures of chemicals and caffeine. We have created an organic, natural form of the traditional under-eye treatment. The caffeine from the matcha will bring circulation to your under-eye area and help those pesky bags disappear! Just gently apply before bed and wake up looking far more refreshed.

3) Dry Spot Treatment

With ingredients like nourishing coconut oil and moisture locking beeswax, why wouldn’t you soothe your cracked skin with the MYMATCHA? All the better reason to keep it in your purse, or pocket (for you guys out there), this winter!

4) Cuticle Cream

Cuticles have always been a pain, especially when they crack and tear all holiday season long. The stress, cold, and all the cooking gets to your hands after a while. With the MYMATCHA you just swipe the tips of your fingers and massage the product into your nails. You’re good to go! (You’ll thank us at your next manicure, trust me).

5) Stretch Mark Eliminator

Our three organic ingredients work together to provide a natural solution for stretch marks. Beeswax naturally has vitamin A, which helps produce collagen…and collagen actively fights stretch marks! The caffeine in matcha also helps your skin’s circulation which will help smooth the skin and naturally eliminate stretch marks.

6) Acne Treatment

Our organic virgin coconut oil is a natural antiseptic, while also being extremely nourishing for our skin. This will help reduce the effects of acne. Matcha also helps reduce redness, helping your acne and scars to heal quicker.  Use the MYMATCHA to spot-treat fading acne and acne scars for a smoother complexion!

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-The cocokind team