Sea Grapes Health Benefits

Sea grape caviar might be the ingredient you never knew your skin needed. If you’re looking for improved elasticity, increased suppleness, or deeper hydration, this straight-from-the-ocean superfood is here to help.

what is it?

These little green plants are part of the algae family and typically grow in tropical and subtropical climates with strong sunlight. They’re called ‘latô’ in the Philippines,’latok’ in Malaysia, “umi-budō” in Japan, “green vegetarian caviar” or “sea grape caviar’ in America - the list goes on.

Thanks to its high mineral density and rich quantities of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, sea grape caviar is incredibly healthy to ingest and to use on your skin. It's also commonly called “longevity seaweed” or “longevity pearls” because of its health-boosting and alleged life-extending powers.

In the Japanese region of Okinawa, it’s common for locals to incorporate generous amounts of sea grape caviar into their diets, which some believe contributes to Okinawa residents’ impressively long lifespans.


where do we get it?

We harvest our sea grape caviar from the Bohol Sea in the Philippines.

Since cocokind is, and always will be, committed to sustainability throughout our entire supply chain, we harvest only reasonable quantities and we practice eco-responsible standards. Our supplier complies with all regulations governing protection of the natural fauna and flora, to avoid disrupting the balance of the environment.

what are its main benefits for the skin?


To adapt to the tough saline conditions in seawater, sea grape caviar has, over time, developed osmotic structures that guard against dehydration. The plant has hygroscopic abilities - this means that it’s able to hydrate and improve water retention by simply using moisture absorbed from the air.

It uses the exact same processes to help keep the skin moisturized and happy! Applying a high concentration of sea grape caviar has a proven hydrating effect that lasts up to 24 hours after application.


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A strengthened barrier with antioxidant protection

Sea grape caviar can help fortify the skin’s natural barrier. This is extremely beneficial because a strengthened barrier promotes improved elasticity in the skin, increases its resilience, and decreases its susceptibility to fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s also packed with antioxidant minerals, so it can defend the skin against free radical damage while also nourishing it.


The result of all of these benefits? A hydrated, supple, plumped complexion. Have you tried our glow essence? Tell us what you think about it!

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