Feeling Rosy After Working Out? Reducing Redness Quickly Post Gym

Help! I want to squeeze in a quick workout but have plans soon after. Working out always turns my face bright red. How can I get my skin to calm down in time to go out? We have some quick tips to help calm redness post workout!

Why does your skin turn red while working out?

When exercising your heart races, your breath quickens, and your body becomes warmer. The increase in body temperature causes your blood vessels to dilate in an attempt to keep you cool. Oxygenated blood rushing to the surface of your skin is the reason your face turns bright red. This helps prevent your body from overheating!

Some of us may turn more red than others, due to skin differences, but we have some tips to help calm and cool your skin quicker!

Our tips for reduced redness post working out:

1) Keep your skin moisturized (both before and after your workout)
This shouldn’t be anything new coming from us. We’ve been telling you all along… the secret to great skin is moisturizing! We love to slather on our Organic Matcha Face Moisturizer the night before an AM workout. Dry skin makes your skin more prone to redness and irritation. As such, your work out redness become a deeper red and last longer if your skin isn’t properly moisturized beforehand. By maintaining a healthy natural moisture level in your skin, you can prevent excessive redness post workout.

Our Matcha Face Moisturizer is full of antioxidants which help purify skin while reducing redness, so this is always a go-to moisturizer after working out!

2) Use cold towels and toner mists right after working out
Pressing an ice cold towel to your face not only feels great (and gives you a good reason to catch your breath), but also helps keep as much blood from rushing to your face. If you don’t want to carry around a damp towel, we suggest carrying a small toner in your gym bag!

Spray our Organic Rosewater Facial Toner on a cotton pad and sweep over face to remove sweat post working out. The scent of our toner is not only soothing after the workout, but the pure rose hydrosol helps pH balance, cleanse, and relax your skin prior to reapplying moisturizer.

3) Do not take hot showers right after working out
Generally, warm showers are best for your skin. However, we totally understand how amazing a steaming hot shower feels. BUT, after working out, this really is a no-go.

Though your muscles might love the relaxing feeling of a hot shower, the extreme heat is very drying for your skin! Also, your face is red because your body is trying to cool down… you don’t want to make your skin any hotter than it already is. Drying and heating your skin will only increase prolonged redness, and add irritation to the surface of the skin. Take our cue and take a cool to warm shower!

4) Use chlorophyll to combat redness post workout
We know you already know this, but pre-working out, make sure to remove makeup before you get your sweat on to prevent breakouts! Right after working out, you must remove sweat with our toner and/or shower step. Following that, we love using our Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Mask to promote increase our oxygen flow in our skin cells. Our mask is always an amazing tool to purify, balance, and bring out your glow prior to a fun night out!

5) Drink tons of water throughout your workout (and all day!)
Your skin gets its suppleness from the inside too! Moisture isn’t only provided from the surface of the skin but from deep within the skin. More water = better skin…but you guys already know that!

6) Do not use drying skincare products with chemicals on your skin
When your skin is flushed, it needs natural and gentle re-hydration, not drying chemicals. Chemicals increase the chance of irritating your skin. Furthermore, many water-based moisturizers contain lists preservatives and chemicals, so while you may feel like you are re-moisturizing, you could actually be drying out and irritating your skin even more!

We hope these tips help keep you fresh and glowing post gym!

-The cocokind team