matcha face moisturizer FAQ

your top questions about our newly reformulated matcha face moisturizer - answered!

Our matcha face moisturizer got an upgrade, and it’s a good one! It now contains two types of green tea — matcha tea powder, which is packed with antioxidants, and green tea wax, which replenishes the skin barrier — as well as other ingredients to nourish, energize, and balance skin. Our richest moisturizer yet, it’s ideal for dry and mature skin (although those of all skin types can use it, especially as a night cream!).

Here, we answer all of the questions you might have about the new and improved matcha face moisturizer.

how do I incorporate this into my routine?

Use this after cleansing, toning, and applying any treatments. We also recommend using SPF afterwards during the day!

how often should I use this?

You can use it morning and night for dry or mature skin. For all other skin types, use it at night only!

why did cocokind reformulate the matcha face moisturizer?

Our original matcha face formula was unstable in varying temperatures, as the coconut oil would melt and solidify easily. We wanted to create a more stable form that still incorporated Japan-sourced organic matcha and also added in green tea extract. Both the old and new formula are suitable for those with dry or mature skin, or as a night cream for other skin types!

what’s different about the new formula? 

We improved the matcha face moisturizer in two main ways:

  • Increased stability: The previous matcha face moisturizer was based in coconut oil, which means it was sensitive to temperature changes and prone to hardening, melting, and separating. Our new formula is an emulsion (which means that it contains a mixture of water and oil) instead of being based completely in oil. Emulsions are much more stable and consistent in texture.
  • Provide a double dose of green tea: our original formula only contained green tea powder, while the new matcha face moisturizer contains both matcha tea powder and green tea extract! Green tea extract is packed with fatty compounds to support skin barrier function and, along with matcha powder, it gives the formula its beautiful green color.

If my main concern is redness, should I use matcha face instead of texture smoothing cream

Yes! One of its main benefits is its ability to balance and counter redness.

What’s the difference between matcha face and texture smoothing cream?

matcha face is a rich cream designed to be a daily moisturizer for those who have dry or mature skin or a reenergizing nighttime moisturizer for all other skin types. The texture smoothing cream is a lighter cream moisturizer that is designed for all skin types, but especially good for those who desire a weightless, silky consistency and smoothing benefits!

What’s the difference between the matcha face moisturizer and other cocokind moisturizers?

Matcha face moisturizer is our deepest hydrator, making it an ideal choice for dry or mature skin. From lightest to deepest, our moisturizers are:

Will this moisturizer make me break out or clog my pores? Is it greasy or heavy?

Our facial moisturizer was formulated to avoid clogging pores; it’s also suitable for acne-prone skin types when used as a night cream for deeper hydration. The formula dries matte, leaving the skin highly moisturized without feeling oily or sticky. Because everyone’s skin is unique, we encourage users who are worried about sensitivity to patch test the moisturizer before using it full-face, and to try it at night first!

What is the texture like?

The matcha face moisturizer has a rich but bouncy feel. Though it’s our deepest moisturizer, it dries matte and smooth on skin.

Will the caffeine in the matcha have a negative impact on my skin or wake me up at night?

Nope! The caffeine in the matcha face moisturizer has a number of benefits for your skin like brightening, reducing signs of inflammation, and firming, but won’t impact you internally, so it’s safe to use at night.

Will the matcha face moisturizer lose its green color over time?

This moisturizer is colored with a natural green tea wax, which may lose its green color when exposed to sunlight or UV rays. Be sure to keep the jar closed and store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. (Don’t worry, the formula is still safe to use either way!)

How long should I wait in between using a toner or treatment and using the matcha face moisturizer?

We recommend waiting 1-2 minutes after applying other products before putting on the matcha face moisturizer. This is to make sure your skin can fully absorb all the actives from each product and to prevent products from pilling.

Can I use this over the sleep mask?

Yes! You can layer this on top of the resurfacing sleep mask.

Does this mean the old matcha face is discontinued?

Yes, it has been discontinued.

What is the pH of the formula? 

The pH of this formula is between 6-7, which is slightly acidic (with a pH of 7 being neutral). Ideally, the pH of our skin is around 5.5-6, which is also slightly acidic. Read more about your skin’s pH here.

Is the matcha face moisturizer organic? 

While our formula is not certified organic, it does contain certified organic matcha powder, pomegranate oil, and shea butter.

Is the matcha face moisturizer soy-free?

Our formula does contain soy-derived ingredients, so we don’t recommend this product to customers with soy allergies.

Is the matcha face moisturizer vegan?

Yes! And like all cocokind products, it’s 100% cruelty-free.

Is the matcha face moisturizer gluten-free?

Yes! All of our products are formulated without gluten or peanuts.

Is this product safe to use during pregnancy?

Our products are formulated to be effective yet gentle. Though our matcha face moisturizer is nontoxic, we always recommend showing our ingredient lists to your doctor to confirm safety for you specifically! 

How long does the matcha face moisturizer last before it expires?

After opening, the matcha face moisturizer lasts 12 months.

Is the matcha face moisturizer available in stores? 

Just online until further notice!

How do I recycle my matcha face moisturizer packaging?

The carton is fully recyclable and made from responsibly-sourced FSC paper! Simply toss it in your recycling bin when you’re done with it. For the jar - peel off the labels and separate the glass jar and the cap. Rinse out both and recycle! 

Check out this blog post on how to dispose of all our product packaging.

we hope you’re loving the new and improved matcha face moisturizer as much as we are! if you have any additional questions, feel free to email or hit @cocokind with a DM on Instagram!