Five Ways Your Sleep May Be Affecting Your Skin

Why sleep is so important for healthy skin

In today's post, we're here to break down why beauty rest is real. It's not just a saying - there are actual proven facts of how sleep benefits your skin. Below, we're listing the top four reasons why sleep is beneficial for healthy skin. Keep reading!

1) Skin repair and renewal happens while you sleep

One major function of your nightly z's is to renew your body while you sleep. When it comes to skin, this happens via the release of growth hormones, which are crucial for these beautifying effects. Released in both the early and late stages of sleep, these growth hormones help stimulate the production of skin cells and collagen, as well as reduce the breakdown of proteins. Without this growth hormone, our skin tends to become thinner. When our skin thins, dehydrated or aging signs start to kick in and become more visible. 

Without the time to produce new cells and repair old damage, your likelihood for accelerated aging increases! Plus, your collagen may prematurely stiffen, which means less elasticity and firmness in the skin. Hello, wrinkles! Not only is this growth hormone essential, but without it, our bodies release increased levels of cortisol, the body's natural stress hormone.


2) Too little sleep causes excess cortisol levels

Not sleeping enough causes your body to produce more cortisol. When released in excess, cortisol actively breaks down collagen. This is exactly the opposite of what you want, as collagen is the natural source of elasticity in the skin that provides a youthful, lifted appearance.

Cortisol also can cause an increase in inflammation, particularly the severity of inflammatory skin concerns like acne or psoriasis. Since high cortisol levels trigger the skin's sebaceous glands, the producers of oil in the skin, stress can lead to more blocked pores and breakouts. To keep blemishes at bay, it's important to reduce stress and truly get some rest each night!




3) A lack of sleep reduces blood flow and circulation...and your glow

While you're asleep, your body boosts blood flow to the skin, which results in a healthy glow! Without it, the skin that surrounds your face will appear more dull. Plenty of rest can also counteract the appearance of dark circles. When the blood doesn't flow well, which happens when you're sleep deprived, it can collect under eyes and become visible.

Another benefit of sleep for skin is the extra oxygen the body pumps to your complexion. This not only helps filter out pollutants and free radicals that have built up, but continues the repair process to restore a radiant, rosy glow.


4) Not sleeping enough can cause dehydration (in and out)

Sleep deprivation can also decrease the moisture levels in your skin, as well as lower your skin's pH levels. Have you ever had very little sleep and felt like your skin was extra red or thin? That's because a lack of sleep can lead to dehydrated skin. 

Not only should you be getting enough sleep, you can also make sure to stay hydrated at night and use a deep moisturizer before bed. We recommend our Chia Seed Oil, Facial Repair Serum, or Matcha Face Moisturizer (check out our moisturizers here). When sleeping is done "right", it can prevent swollen eyes, dark circles, and a flakey, pale complexion! 


5) The immune system depends on sleep 

Sleep deprivation weakens your immune systems response, which can quickly affect how your skin reacts to inflammation and infection. For instance, those who suffer from cystic acne or chronic inflammatory concerns, such as eczema or psoriasis, know lack of sleep can be detrimental for the skin.

Due to weak immunity, it's much harder for the body to recover and treat bacteria deep within pores that result in breakouts and irritation. This can also worsen inflammation. On the flip side, having a healthy amount of sleep can strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation! 


While it now may appear obvious, beauty sleep is real! No skincare products can make up for a lack of sleep...not even cocokind!

To treat, protect, and renew our skin, we need to catch some restful hours of deep sleep each night. Additionally, for those with chronic skin concerns like acne, eczema, etc., it is especially important to let your body rest and repair. Prioritizing sleep is not only good for your body's overall wellness, but it helps maintain a radiant, healthy, and breakout-free complexion!

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Jailing Goleong on

How many hours of sleep is good for skin and overall health? I always suffer from jet lags and trying to finish work. Hope to find skincare that will help to combat my stressful days.

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