the benefits of chia seed oil

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But first, let's dive into the science! Why is chia oil such a powerful ingredient you need in your skincare routine?


What is chia?

While found in smoothies and kombucha, chia seeds are not just for snacking! Due to its rich omega-3 acid content, this seed has taken over our beauty routines. Made from the seed of the Salvia hispanica plant, this antioxidant-rich oil boosts a multitude of benefits from protection against harsh environmental stressors to super hydration (without the greasy feeling!). Today we’re going to break down why we love this special oil and how we use it in our daily regimen.


How does chia oil benefit our skin?

Richest botanical source of omega-3s

While omega-3s can be found in a multitude of oils, such as flaxseed and sacha inchi, they are most potent in chia seed oil. In fact, 60% of chia seed oil is composed of omega-3s...and in the world of omegas, that's A LOT!


Why are omega-3s important?

Omega 3-s are skin superpowers and truly fundamental to the health of our skin. These essential fatty acids (EFAs) cannot be created by the body, and therefore, must be consumed or topically applied. Without omegas, our natural skin barrier couldn’t function, which would leave the skin vulnerable to exposure, dehydration, inflammation, and blemishes.


The benefits

EFAs are built up of lipid-based cell membranes, which retain water and nutrients. This creates a seal, which enable proper skin hydration and softness. Since fats help control how the body reacts to UV rays, omega 3-s can lessen the consequences of sun and free radical exposure, while also reducing inflammation. Collectively, these essential fats form a vital oil barrier that protects the skin from environmental stressors, such as pollution or UV rays. Omega 3-s also help build collagen, or the protein that makes up the skin's connective tissue. Collagen not only maintains the elasticity of the skin, but also is determines the evenness of the skin’s tone and texture. So healthy, renewed collagen means youthful, supple skin for you!


Chia seed oil is also a major source of vitamin B3 and zinc

What is vitamin B3, and why do I need it?

When we consider the skin benefits of vitamin B3, we actually refer to a specific amide called nicotinamide. Nicotinamide is an essential water-soluble vitamin not synthesized in the body, which means it must be consumed. This restorative vitamin is best known for its brightening properties.

It not only helps restore cellular energy, repair damaged DNA, and reduce the effects of harsh UV rays, but also slows discoloration and wrinkles. Its ability to fight off internal and external stressors means the potential for deterioration and breakdown of the skin, which comes with age, is lessened. Nicotinamide has also been shown to reduce redness (due to its anti-inflammatory qualities), maintain hydration, and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier!


What about zinc?

While we don’t typically think about zinc as a contributor to our skin’s health, our skin cells truly rely on this trace mineral! In fact, the top layer of our skin is concentrated with up to six times as much zinc than is found in the lower layers.

Zinc is a crucial part of your skin’s defense system. Whether inflammation or environmental stressors, this mineral can protect and heal your skin. Zinc not only lessens the formation of harsh free radicals (which we can learn how to protect against here!) but also restricts the damaging effects of the UV rays and pollution we’re exposed to every day.

As a natural healer, zinc protects the skin against infection, regulates inflammation, and aids the production of new cells that rebuild and renew broken skin. Its anti-microbial properties soothe and treat the skin, which means fewer breakouts! New pimples are formed when bacteria and skin cells block pores, but zinc stops this process in its tracks. As an immunity booster, zinc reduces the inflammation that accompanies new breakouts, as well as reduces the natural oils that clog pores in the first place!


And of course, our organic chia facial oil is super hydrating!

Despite all other benefits, chia oil’s main claim to fame is its effective hydrating properties. Due to its high-fiber content, chia oil can physically pull water from deeper tissues or the skin’s surface to maintain moisture levels. Since chia oil improves the function of the skin’s barrier, the skin loses this additional moisture less easily. This results in the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as relieved dry and itchy skin. In terms of appearance, it leads to plumper and more supple looking skin.

However, not only dry skin types will benefit form chia oil. In fact, the nourishment chia seed oil provides can help control the production of oil, which means fewer breakouts. And despite its intense hydrating powers, chia oil is both lightweight and easily absorbed, which means no greasy feeling! So whether you’re dry, oily, or a combination of the two, this oil can protect and hydrate the skin without an oily feel.


For more insight on chia seed oil and how it can help treat and hydrate the skin, read more about the importance of omegas here! And if you’re ready to try our moisturizer, our Chia Oil is sold for $16 on our website or in stores near you! Otherwise, make sure to grab a free sample with all online orders this month.

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